Stereo vocals?

Hi folks, last time I recorded was with Cubase 3 over 16 years ago. Have recently purchased Cubase 12 and a Steinberg UR22C interface. I’m trying to record vocals, mic straight into UR22C, but am only getting a mono/one side recording, Input 1 = left, Input 2 = right. What am I doing wrong? I want a stereo mix. Clearly I’ve been out of the game for a long time but I don’t remember it being a difficult thing to make happen.

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Double-check the Grace Period availability. It might happen, you can get the latest Cubase 13 for free from Steinberg (2023-08-23 is the date).

You should use the Mono track.

Here’s how I get a mono mic signal onto a stereo track, which I think is what I think you are trying to do, apologies if I misunderstand:

  1. In my F4 “Audio Connections” window, in the “Bus Name” column: I create a mono input bus “Mono In 1” by clicking the “Add Bus” button, if it doesn’t already exist. (You can right click and set it to default if you like)
  2. In the “Audio Device” column of that “Mono In 1” row: I select “Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO” if it’s not already pre-populated
  3. I expand the “Mono In 1” entry so I see “Mono” showing
  4. In that row that says “Mono”: I select “UR28M Analog In 1” from the drop down menu on the “Device Port” column
  5. I close the F4 “Audio Connections” window
  6. I create a stereo audio track with its input being that Mono In 1 bus

Hmm…no, it does not help. Martin Jirsak has answered the correct action.



I’m so sorry, I wrote my reply away from the computer, and it was wrong.

I’m glad you got it figured out from Martin’s post. I’ve corrected my answer above for anyone else that comes along later.

Apologies again!