Steve Hackett

Just got the new Genesis Revisited II …

Damn, what awesome production. Musically awesome. Singing is hit/miss, but who the heck can go back and do PG justice?

Anyhow, I’m a big fan of the last few Steve Hackett releases. This follows in the same line of spotless production, arrangement and musicianship as his latest solo work. Worth a listen if you like the first handful of Genesis records.

I’m loving Steve’s work at the moment. Saw him live last year, and it was a great show (With Nick Beggs on Bass and Chapman Stick)

Hoping to catch one of the GRII shows next year. Should be brilliant.

Also if you are enjoying his recent CDs, take a listen to his collaboration this year with Chris Squire. (Rather lamely called SQUACKETT) but the album, called Life Within a Day is stupendous.

Yeah, got the Squackett album. There are some good things on it, but it wasn’t up to “Out of the Tunnel’s Mouth” or “Beyond the Shrouded Horizon” standards.

Beggs is getting to be one of those “where’s Waldo” musicians. Seems he’s playing live for everyone.

Looked pretty cute in a skirt when I saw Hackett live a couple of summers ago. Well not my type really, but . . .

Huge Hackett fan here, and as such usually don’t expect much more than to not be annoyed by the vocals over the years, although I will say Steve has improved vocally by leaps and bounds from his singing on “Cured”. I will have to check this out; the first “Revisited” had its moments, but again, the vocals . . .

Anyone into Hackett might be interested in this project as well:

Been watching this one with interest. It is the brainchild of Rob Reed, keyboard player for the band Magenta. (also worth seeking out)

I have no idea how he managed to pull together the finances to do the Kompendium project, (to my knowledge there isn’t a huge record label budget behind it) he’s pulled together some world class musos, some of it was recorded at Abbey Road, there are real orchestras and choirs involved. Kudos to Rob for pulling it together.