Steve Jobs just died. :( R.I.P.

Aloha guys

Just got the news.
Sad day.

Why [MAC] ? Sad day for everyone. He did a lot and I’m not an Apple fan.I applaud the vision and will to get products to market. Also the design values that resonate with so many were consistent across the product line . Dying at 56 is young

Aloha Mr M.

You are right. I took down the [Mac].

R.I.P. Steve Jobs
You’ve Got To Find What You Love

Sad day indeed. I was thinking we’d hear this soon, just the other day while watching the live blogging about the 4S…

RIP Steve…

A true visionary (even though I’m not an apple fan)…

R.I.P. indeed, a man with a passion.



Yahoo headlines has a 5 things you never knew about Steve Jobs…

“…his biological father, Abdul-Fattah J. Jandali, was a Syrian Muslim …”
Shows that great innovators come from all backgrounds and ethnicities.

Rest in peace brother man.

Source --> HERE

Don’t forget his legacy from Pixar, which will likely outlive his tech innovations

Don’t want to start a fight, but why would that be a big surprise?

Ask yourselves who invented geometry, who had the engineering skill to build something that was the largest structure on Earth for thousands of years, who gave us the concept of Zero, who named all the most common stars in the northern hemisphere? It’s only since perhaps the French enlightenment and the industrial revolution have most innovations come from the ‘west’

We’re all humans. We’re all the same. We’re all quite smart (when we’re not trying to kill each other :frowning: )

I think he’s actually on the same page as you Mark :sunglasses: