Steven Wilson in Concert

Gothenburg, Sweden last night:

Guthrie Govan – lead guitar,
Adam Holzman – keyboards,
Theo Travis – flute & saxophone,
Nick Beggs – bass guitar & Chapman Stick,
Chad Wackerman – drums

That’s music!
Ya betcha! :sunglasses:

What a great name for a drummer! Kool!


I’d like to see him live sometime. I’ve had to settle for DVD concerts of Porcupine Tree and the following:

He sits in with Steve Hackett on a couple of tunes in the concert DVD “Fire and Ice” … recorded live at Shepherds Bush Empire (London) November 30, 2010. Nick Beggs puts on a splendid performance on bass guitar and Chapman Stick on the DVD. Very entertaining player to watch, as well as being an excellent musician. He does a solo performance on the Stick that is outstanding.

Amanda Lehmann plays guitar and sings. That has to be a tough role, but she handles it with aplomb.

John Wetton sings and plays acoustic leading the band in a cover of All Along The Watchtower.

Roger King - Keyboards
Rob Townsend - Sax and woodwinds, backing vocals
Gary O’Toole - drums, percussion, lead & backing vocals

Good stuff.

Saw this lineup at the RAH in London last year, and the new guitarist (compared to the “Get All You Deserve” DVD) Guthrie is outstandingly good. This has to be one of the best bands currently touring, bar none.
Was the show you saw in Quad?

Hi Ulf! Long time! :slight_smile:
Being a PT fan - I’ll have to look into this. Guthrie Govan is amazing.
I saw Chad Wackerman in a small, intimate club near me a few years ago playing in a trio with Alan Holdsworth
and Jimmy Johnson. He’s an amazing drummer - and he looks incredibly young for his age!

Hello, there, Lenny!
Long time and now you are a ProTools troll??? :imp:
And yeah, at distance Chad Wackerman looks like he should have looked like when he played with Zappa in the early eighties and then he looked like some high school kid! Good for him!
And this was one of those concerts you walk away from not talking much just staring beyond the horizon, and if somebody ask you something you go “huh?”
Nobody with an open mind about what to listen to should miss this, if they have the chance!

I don’t know Steven Wilson or Porcupine Tree, but I just looked at a couple videos… thanks for the recommendation. Chad Wackerman I know of; Guthrie Govan as well, so this is exciting.