Sticking midi notes on export. Why?

Here we go again.
Ive been doing a small project, and had no issues other than midi notes not showing on tracks for a while. After a few reboots the notes were showing.
I have exported this project at lest 5 times without issue while recording.

Now 100% every time one track (originally in the midi file) sticks and ruins the Export. Ive added nothing to this track, and have tried trimming it, and chainring the Halion sound. Nothing helps. It doesn’t sound like one note, more that they build up as the track plays.

Why is this so complicated to use?. Now rather than being creative i have to be a technician,
Getting tired of issues.

Windows 10, CB 11 Pro.

EDIT: My workaround was to remove HSSE and replace it with HS3. Not happy that i had to do this but it i guess it shows its not the track, but the VST that was causing this. HSSE only had this one track enabled in it.