Sticking notes

Hi all.
I have installed all the latest drivers for C8pro and Trilian. I play a note on my key board and the note often sticks on. Latch mode in Trilian is off but the note releases again if I put latch mode on then off again. Trilian works fine Cubase 6. I tried it there again just to make sure and there is no problem there. Many thanks.

What version and build of Cubase Pro 8 do you have installed (Help, About)? Do you have the same issue with Halion Sonic SE?

Thanks for replying quickly Chris.
Yes it does happen in Hallion Sonic Se and in pad shop.
The piano keys just above the pads also indicate that the notes are sticking but It doesn´t appears to happen when the chord pad window is closed.
I have version 8.010 (64bit). Not sure what you mean by build. I only see a build date which is Jan22.2015.
Many thanks

Build 427

If you go to MIDI, then choose MIDI Reset, does the sticking stop? Does it come back within the same session? What is the MIDI Interface you are using?

Midi man. midi sport 2x2.

If you go to MIDI, then choose MIDI Reset, does the sticking stop? Does the problem come back within the same session?

Same problem here with the eight chord pads on halion sonic 2 and halion 5.

Never noticed this before as I’ve never bothered to use the pads until I upgraded to HS2 and H5 in the flash sale this week so don’t know if it’s something that has been there before or not, but of course now that large spread chords are being linked to them it’s proving extremely frustrating!

Any advice?

Hi Chris, Thanx for your reply. Yes Midi reset does stop it but it returns when I start playing again.

Lucia, If you disconnect the MIDI Man and use the Virtual Keyboard, do you have the same issue?

Outsounder, what specific patch are you selecting HS2? What version and build of HS2 are you using? What version and build of Cubase 8 are you on?

Hi Chris, no particular patch, Halion City springs to mind as that’s the default patch though many others also, both C8 and H5 are the current point updates and all other drivers are current.

A point worth noting, the note sticking does not appear to be problematic in with a midi part imported into Studio 1-2 so far

(Lucia, If you disconnect the MIDI Man and use the Virtual Keyboard, do you have the same issue?)

Chris, I have uninstalled my c/drive and am in the process of adding 2 160GB SSD discs to the pc and increase the ram from 8 to 16Gb. So far I have C6 installed and running well on one SSD. Cpro8 is still downloading. I will try what you suggested as soon as installation is complete. Many thanks

Outsounder - What version and build of Cubase 8 are you on (Help, About)?
One other suggestion, go to Devices, Device Setup, MIDI Port Setup. Check any option for “Use System Timestamp” there. Do you get the same sticking?

8.0.10 Build 427

Midi time stamp makes no difference, reset stops the stuck midi but stuck notes again the pads start being used, be it assigned to keyboard trigger notes or mouse or virtual keyboard.

For this example I used both some “factory presets” that had chord pads in the design of the sound, I also took a snapshot of chords and assigned the to pads and trigger keys on midi controller keyboards.

It always end up the same, stuck notes, hanging chords which means you have to to midi drop down menu and hit reset. Shouldn’t there be a midi reset button on the tool bar?

I repeated the exact same procedure in Studio 1-2 and had no problems at with HS2 or H5.

The main problem is that Halion 5 renders C8 unstable up to a freeze and becomes really unusable, the only way out is to close down H5/hS2 and cubes and reboot the computer.

It’s a complete mess, since the installation of H5 the system has been rendered unusable in many areas, it’s constant crashing, freezing etc etc. I’m taking it out, can’t be doing with two or three frozen systems every half hour, C8 has been so so stable up and till now, until Halion was installed. HS2 ran fine so it seem that updating that to Halion 5 has been the cause of these issues and it needs to looked at pretty quickly really.

If the VST’i’s are so stable in Presonus S1-2 then the fault lies with cubase and Later release Halion family series, Halion Sonic 2 and Halion 5 the problem seems to be midi note off information is not working as intended to in multi layered instruments in HS/HS2/H5

Big disappointment they can’t see a few bars through a tracking session with out completely screwing up leading to freeze and reboot. Who can I send the crash reports to and try and get this resolved ASAP?

Can I send them you Chris? Going through the normal procedure takes weeks, I asked for the full HS2 installer because so much sound content was missing on upgrade but No answer off support yet.

Chris. No more sticking notes now with the new install. Thanks

Outsounder - I would suggest following up with your local technical support at this point. It would seem likely to me that the issue is system specific based on your description and hopefully your local support can help you find the cause of the issue.

I’m sure you already have, but double check to verify that the update to 5.1.10 from installed to the plugin.

The other thing you may want to consider would be clearing your App Data to give Cubase a fresh start:

First, please shut down Cubase. Then go to the Start menu, All Programs, Cubase 8, Cubase 8 User Settings Data Folder. In the top address bar, you should see “App Data (roaming) Steinberg” Click on Steinberg at the top. This will put you in the Steinberg app data folder. Trash any Cubase or Nuendo folders that you see there. This will trash your key commands, preferences, sound card settings, etc. Hopefully, this will help with the problem you are having. Restart Cubase. You will need to reset your audio outputs (Devices, Device Setup, VST Audio System).

It Seems to have been resolved by changing drivers on air controller, it is prone to cause crashes as a plug in though and very resource hungry. The in built media bay and instrument loading is so much faster than its siblings, be great if that technology could be transferred to media bay!