Hello fellow Cubase folk. I am new to these forums and am looking for help with an issue that is driving me nuts! I have Cubase 8.5 (full retail) and also Cubase pro 8.5 (trial). My pc is running Windows 10, and is up to spec. The issue I have is with Halion 5, Halion Sonic 2, Padshop, and occasionally other vst’s. I keep getting ‘Hanging’ chords/sticking notes…, which causes me no end of stress, as I have to delete the track completely to stop it. It’s even more annoying when it happens right in the middle of recording something. Does anybody have any clues or ideas on how to solve this issue?
Any help would be greatly appreciated before I launch the set up out of my window!

Thanks in advance.

Hi. I had it happen a few months back after going to Win 10. I blamed it on all the background apps in Win 10. Lots of pop ups and auto updates that seemed to hijack my processor and interrupt Cubase and even other programs I was using. I have since disabled a variety of background apps and have not had a problem for months now. I am not real computer savvy but I know Cubase deserves the processors full attention at times. Sorry I can’t give specifics but if you know someone who understands Win10 you could ask them to advise how to turn off some unnessisary background processes.

Have you tried the midi reset upon stop in the preferences, I had this 10 years back when using physical synths, the reset stop did the trick.

Be carefull when removing apps, I removed defender and all updates seized to install due to certifcates errors, I never managed to get defender working again, so had re-install everything.