Sticky Channel Settings Window - C8.5

The Channel settings windows which pop up from the main mixer allowing you to change the EQ and sends etc keep getting stuck open for me, in Cubase 8.0.30 and now 8.5.

It means I can’t click on anything else in Cubase until I go to the Windows taskbar and click any one of the open cubase windows, which then seems to unfreeze Cubase and allows me to close the Chan. Settings window or send to back.

it’s ok as a workaround but it gets annoying. The issue is happening on both PCs.

I had a quick search but couldn’t find anyone else complaining about this. Is it a known issue?

Win 7 x64, Cubase 8.5.

Given that it happens with both computers I wonder if it might indicate an issue with your usb elicenser…can’t think how anything else could affect both PCs unless you have some other software running on both machines that Cubase isn’t getting on with

FWIW I haven’t seen any other report of this behaviour.

You may be onto something there Grim.

For ages I was plagued with an issue where Win 7 x64 would sometimes freeze mid-boot-up at random. A number of times I had to repair windows which took ages. Then I discovered that removing and replugging all USB devices temporarily fixed the issue.

Eventually after a lot of stress and headscratching over the course of about a year I tried the e-licencer ‘Maintenance’ option one day and have never had the bootup freeze thing since.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

Well so far so good.

The issue didnt happen today so I’m going to give you an official thanks Grim.

I’ll be wary of that dongle from now on.

I only hope it’s not failing – that would be a disaster…

If you can’t afford to be without Cubase for any amount of time then it makes sense to buy a spare.

ZDT allows you to get a temp license on a spare dongle until you sort a pernmanent license with Steinberg support.

Yeh, I wasnt aware of that. Sounds good, and cheap enough.

Thanks again man.

Actually I’m wondering what the expected lifespan of these dongles is. Mine must be 8 years old now.
Maybe my licencer doesnt like being hotplugged every day…

Well my elicenser lasted a lot longer than my first ilok 2 which failed in less than a year.

This reminds me that there was supposed to be a smaller dongle released this year and there is even a picture of it listed as fourth generation here:

But doesn’t seem to be available as far as I can see.

Size doesn’t matter to me Grim…it’s the old issue of longevity. :confused:

cheers anyway.

Lol…The reasoning and many requests from users for a little dongle is that it’s less likely to get broken or bent on insertion.


After a few days this issue came back. It’s intermittent but I’m going to try and compile a little video evidence.

I already have another issue on video where, if I try to draw some automation I get a little automation spike pop up somewhere else, a short distance away from the mouse as well as the bit I’ve drawn!!
This also happens on both PCs…

This is still with the same dongle I take it?

Yes, I did the maintenance on the dongle again - to no avail…

Sounds like it’s time for a new dongle then.