sticky cursor Ozone6

Cursor sometimes gets stuck on sliders in Ozone6 within WL8.5. If not paying attention, levels can be altered to unwanted values moving the cursor. Clicking once or twice ‘releases’ the cursor. Seems WL only issue since this problem is not encountered in Nuendo nor Cubase. Someone experiences the same ?

Which OS? Which WL8.5 version (64 or 32)?

OSX 10.9 -
WL 64

I apologize. Never thought I should re-verify the 32/64 version, all my hosts were initially set tot 64-bit. Don’t know how 32-bit of WL8.5 was re-checked.
Changed to 64-bit. Tomorrow new mastering session, hope sticky cursor disappeared… Thx for the good idea Arjan.

Also in Wavelab 8.5 (verified in 64-bit) this sticky cursor problem with Ozone stays.

I’ve experienced this in a few other plugins as well.

There have been times using FabFilter Pro-L in which I am not clicking or pressing the mouse, but the cursor still sticks to a control and changes the value when I move the mouse away to do another task.

The most common situation for me is adjusting the gain/threshold of Pro-L and then reaching for a menu at the top of Wavelab which causes +30 dB to be added because that is a vertical control slider.

I had immediate cursor issues when 8.5 was released. Not so much plugin related but more with zooming using the mouse wheel, there was some extra or hyper clicking happening causing more zooming than I was really doing. This has largely been cleared up but this more minor cursor issues still remain. The issues could be semi-related as they seem to be extra mouse input detected by Wavelab. I was using an Apple Magic Mouse and had the same results on all 3 of the Magic Mouses I have.

OSX 10.9.2 and 10.9.5
64-bit Wavelab

Sometimes I catch myself altering plugin values with the mouse scroll wheel accidentally. I wish I could disable plugin value control via mouse wheel. The way I work, I am used to always have to click and hold to change a control and wish I could make Wavelab be that way.

The scroll wheel is nice for zooming and navigating but I don’t like that it can change value without a true click.