Sticky keys Bug

So for me to Replicate this bug I open Halion 7

Followed by loading a instrument.

While holding and playing keys click to switch to the Chord pads. (From the editor view)
80% of the time this will create a situation for me where stick keys become present >

In the above photo I have just done this process, I am not holding any key. They blue key that is lit up is the note that was pressed when in the editor before switching while holding that note to Chord pads That was about 5 minutes ago and that sticky key is still playing

Changing the instrument also has no effect. It is still playing.

The only way to unstick this bug is to delete and re-add the instrument.

Hopefully too many people aren’t experiencing this.
I have had this bug since the release of 13*

Don’t know about the root cause for this but if you want to stop the note being stuck press the lightning symbol to trigger a midi reset.

Well well well @Johnny_Moneto what a helpful answer indeed! This will do for now. Hopefully it get’s fixed at some point.