Sticky link to Dorico manual

With the release of Dorico 3, I went today to look for the latest update of the manual.

Google directed me to , which pointed to .

Further Googling found , dated 2019-08-06, which is presumably the latest version to be had and read together with the Version History document for Dorico Pro 3.

It would be very helpful if a sticky topic could be put at the top of the forum that points to the latest version of the manual, and that is kept updated.

Many thanks!


David, you’ve still not found the most recent manual. See
Note that you can get to the correct version of the online manual from the Help menu in Dorico.

Thanks, Leo!

There seems to be no information on “Condensing” in the Dorico 3 manual itself.

Despite the link within Dorico, I still think a sricky one here would be useful. This is my go-to website, since the main Steinberg site is not over user-friendly in this respect.


The place to get the most up to date information about any new features is always the Version History PDF, which has about 12 pages of information on condensing.