Sticky Notes available on parts and events

The Cubase Global notepad and per-track notepad are very handy. However, I find myself needing to attach notes to specific parts and events on the main project window. I realize that would get cluttered after a while, so a simple show/hide notes available as a key command would turn them on or off. When you delete a part, a warning would pop up saying that the part or event has a note attached (if it does).

Notes could be coloured with the track/part or independently assigned with a default note colour available to all. Notes could be exported along with the other notepads.

I would also like all notepads to have some kind of formatting available…bold, italic, font size, etc. Would be great if simple tables could exist (I know I’m asking a lot here :slight_smile:

Would also be great to highlight a group of parts/events and assign one note to them all. For instance to remember that a group of vocal parts were recorded on the same day with a particular microphone/preamp combo or the singer singing a particular vibe or alt lyric, etc. I could think of a million uses for notes on a per part/event basis.

Anyone else think that would be good to have?

Doug s.

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+1 get in done!

the note pad is not good enough. flag a part that has a sticky note with a small symbol or something similar (a dot in the corner?). sticky notes should be always hidden? some key command to open them - shift right click?

+1 also +1 to part text formatting eg can indicate a temporary versus a confirmed part ie italics for a temporary part or a part that has multitakes or versions