Sticky notes in the arrangement

I do a lot of advertising jobs and my projects usually consist of not so many tracks, but most tracks have a lot of lanes and different versions. In this type of work it’s essential to know what audio object belongs to what version to be able to export a different version in a minute. But agencies I work for usually ask for many versions and only in the end decide what is going to be final version they’ll release.

It would be very useful if you could implement something like postIt note on the arrangement. An individual object, not related to certain track but floating on some spot in the arrangement. It would be anchored on specific time and specific track/lane, or to specific object. Some sort of text box in which user can write short note. Something that could contain more words than object name, but certainly not too much. And something that would be visible when you scroll through the arrangement (not limited to track height but more like floating near targeted object)

I know there is a “notepad” on every track, but this is something related to objects and time position in arrangement, not entire track. Notepad is useful only when comment concerns the content of entire track.

It would really enhance the workflow! Not only for advertising type of projects, but even for music. Imagine, for instance, that user could write down quick sticky on an object saying “I need to fix timing in this drum break”, or “this object is included in version xyz”… or “keyboard player likes this version”… or “there’s some background noise on this spot - I have to edit it before mixdown!”…

Think about it!





I had a similar idea for notes that could be ‘to do’ item notes for stuff like ‘re record part’ or ‘add mix element here’ fades etc.