still a major problem for me, blinking play marker in win7

I hoped that 5.3 would solve the problem with the blinking play marker in cubase, but it don’t. I find it really really annoying and stress me big time. any new on this topic? I mean win7 is supported…

What do you mean blinking? Do you mean the playhead? It’s not blinking on my comp. Maybe it’s a graphics card issue.

blinking mean when you look at the playhead (the black line that indicated the position) while you hit play it is flickering. it’s not solid the whole time.

I heard that more than one time with win7 and AERO. it’s not a workaround to stop using the aero GUI in windows 7 because it has a great benefit on my work flow ( peak view and stuff like that).

this thread got plenty of views and but only one answer. I really suffer from this problem, so if you DON’T encounter it I would also be happy If you could tell this.

I don’t encounter it, and I use Aero on Cubase 5 essential latest version.
Nvidia integrated graphics card which I don’t recall updating drivers for for at least a year.