Still A Problem

I’m still getting expanded menu when opening audio inserts.
i already told Steinberg about this last year, and hoping it would be fixed this year
just a other thing that getting in the way of work flow

I just did a clean installation of Windows 11 and just installed C12
After major performance issues , “drops outs spikes”

I’m still having to go to many sites and download plugins and keys
so 2 days plus on trying to get the software to work,

So another day today, spending it on getting everything installed again, fun times

C12 upgrade was a lot of money for me
it’s the most expensive software i own but the only one i have issues with
PS C11 was much better for me, not perfect but i could finish a track

I’ve no idea what’s going on over at Steinberg , but you’re falling behind other daws fast
but I’m loyal as I’m very used to Cubase but is sad to see it in this state
I know you can do better,

and there are things in cubase that are from the 1990s
a lot of parts of the software need updating to 2020s
You’re adding new features each year and neglecting current that need a overhaul

don’t let investors run the company, they will run it to the ground then move on

What expanded menu?

Don’t forget to enable the Steinberg Audio Power Scheme in the Studio Setup window.

All of the required software is downloaded automatically when you first run the Steinberg Download Assistant, which you’re linked to first thing when you purchase Cubase 12. All of the included content as well as everything currently being sold by Steinberg can be downloaded using it. Key activation can also be done straight through it.

Yes I know but thanks
I never use any of the stock plugins
I find them uninspiring.
The power sceme it’s set to max
All settings in bias are set to max
It’s water cooled no throttling

The folder hierarchy structure in audio plugs
Opens expanded
So everytime I have to click the minus
To collapse.

It’s a small thing but when you’ve done it a 1000 times it gets rather annoying
I’ve put tickets in 2 months ago nothing back
So maybe they can address this in the next update

Remember this is after a clean install of Windows and C12 out of the box :slight_smile:

It doesn’t open expanded here.