Still an issue with tempo track and signature

Hi guys
I still have a problem with song which have a tempo track. I can import correctly the tempo track but once I quit and run again VSTLive, tempo track is still present but no tempo triggers (only one line)


Moreover, I don’t know why, but for some songs, when I click on the song name, the signature does to 1/4.


Hi @magicguigui,

could you please verify your workflow with the latest version? Better?


Hi @Spork,

Indeed, it seems to be good now with versio 1.65.

However, there is still the issue when you import a song from a cubase project :

  • Once imported in VST Live, Fader is at maximum instead of being at 0
  • If track exported with no out bus

in VST Live, track will have PAN=Full left