Still awaiting my activation code for Cubase 10 Pro

**Still awaiting my activation code for Cubase 10 Pro



You need to buy it first

I have.

Me too

And still waiting…

Now, since it seems that everyone except you got one, you should probably check your mails, contact asknet, Or Steinberg support. The kind of post you are posting here is rather not so efficient… :unamused:

I did.

It is usually (always?) a problem with the email getting filtered, delayed, or blocked by the email server.

The email is not really needed, when you complete the purchase the code is shown, just copy and pate that into the eLicenser software, done.
My email arrived in seconds.


I never close this page down until I’ve activated. FWIW, I’ve also never not received the email within minutes.

This is exactly the way anyone should do it. Don’t close this page or make a screenshot or write the code down. My email arrived much later but i already downloaded and installed the software.

Exactly. Unfortunately, my browser crashed and closed before I had chance to do either.

There should be very little delay in getting the email, but I had to email support to get mine.