Still can't grab the last handle of a slash region

With the mouse, that is…

grab handle

I know it’s annoying, but if you first click the handle to make sure it’s selected, then as a separate motion drag it, you’ll find it works reliably.

Depending on what you are trying to do, Slash regions do respond to the standard key commands too like Alt+arrow to move, Alt+Shift+arrow to lengthen/contract, etc. I usually find that faster than trying to click the handle exactly.


Yes, I know of course, and that’s what I do right now to make it work. But sometimes mouse is faster, if only for the fact that I’ve already got it in my hand at that very moment…



I know I’ve brought this up before, and of course your suggestion works.
However, even then the click target on this handle is impossibly small, since apparently it encompasses only the part not occupied by the bar line…
It’s almost like the circle is on top of the bar line, but it’s click target is underneath.
click target
I’d really love this to be addressed in some way, shape or form, please.

All the best,

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You can cycle through all available objects/handles with shift-alt-click… I know it’s not what you are asking for, but since I have learned that “gesture”, I use it reliably in tricky situations like this one (especially with slurs handles, when it’s crowded)

In this particular case, I find if you click outside to the right of the barline, it seems pretty easy to select:

Of course, I’d likely never select the handle and would just use the shortcuts anyway:

This situation is the one where it seems really difficult to accurately select it though, at least for me anyway:

grab handle 2
Hi all,
the issue is still going strong. It has now reached the level of major annoyance and, quite frankly, broken functionality for me. Pity, actually…

Sincerely, Benji

In the video you are clearly not doing as Daniel advised in post #2: Click the region to show the handle, then click the handle itself, so it shows as a darker circle. Then you can drag it.

Dude, I really don’t have time for this, but here you go:
grab handle 3

Point taken. (A video is worth so many words.)

But in playing around with this myself I found clicking on a slash seems to select only the one slash (and I don’t know what the handle is doing). If I click between the slashes it appears to select the actual region.

To be honest, I find the handles to be unusable as well. I posted above on July 22nd that “I’d likely never select the handle and would just use the shortcuts anyway,” and am realizing I don’t think I’ve tried to select a handle since then before trying today. In practice, the fastest way (and really the only functional way) with back-to-back slash regions is to just use the shortcuts.

(As an aside, virtually all of my slash regions are back-to-back. The way they are implemented seem to be from a copyist’s perspective rather than a composer’s, so I almost always just use back-to-back single bar slash regions so they can be easily copied elsewhere without selecting a larger region.)


It does, but then it doesn’t show the handles…

Todd, of course this is what I do, otherwise I wouldn’t get any work done, but it would make sense to be able to manipulate this score item with the mouse, especially since these

  1. Have just been selected with the mouse and
  2. are clearly meant to be used with the mouse.

It’s actually really cumbersome to switch between mouse and shortcuts to do this.
Plus, and I might be mistaken, I can’t shrink slash regions with a shortcut from the front, right?



Yeah, they work the same way as notes. If I need to shrink a region from the front I just Alt+Shift+arrow back to shrink from the end, then Alt+arrow forward to move the entire region forward. It’s an extra step, but since it’s the same way editing notes work I’m pretty used to it. I’ve simply given up trying to edit them with the mouse.

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