still can't open downloaded 9.5 elements file

purchased upgrade for $20 to elements 9.5, downloaded, but when I try to open to install, here is the screen shot of what I get. New computer, dell xps 15, windows 10:

How are you trying to open the file? Was it downloaded via the Steinberg Download Assistant?
That rather looks like an incomplete download to me, what was the total size and did it say it had completed inside the Download Assistant software?

Yes it was downloaded in download assistant,
but I was surprised it downloaded quickly in several hours, thought it will take all night, but I checked size it says 574815, which is about right?
I try to double click to open it. IT WAS NOT IN THE DOWNLOAD ASSISTANT when I woke up, but I checked the downloads, if it’s incomplete, can I continue downloading it somehow, so don’t have to start over? I think you have a point with it being incomplete now that I think about it, but looks like almost downloaded, and why did it disappear

I think you are right: I just tried to download again in the assistant, and it started off in the middle, as if 2+ gb already downloaded. wonder why it showed 5+gb in the download folder.

Yes, the advantage of the Download manager is that it can start from where you got…or possibly repair a damaged download which is what it looks like might have happened with yours.

Hope it finishes properly this time for you…if it does there should an “Open” option in the download manager.

Unfortunately it downloaded 99.9% then error, and when I clicked continue, it started from start again. soooo frustrating. It had errors couple times throughout, but if I restart computer, would continue where I left on. not when it was downloaded. been downloading 24 hours now

And I cannot understand where its downloading, or what is going on there, because in the folder it’s showing me that there is a 5gb file on there, but its now downloading from scratch at about 100 meg. see attached snapshot:

Weird. The file is exactly the same size as the final folder I get but mine just just shows as a zipped folder, there’s no sda or aria 2 file. Looks like for some reason there’s an error once the download has finished with you.