Still can't see send level in 9.5.10 update

I noticed in 9.5 whenever I applied a send on an audio track I couldn’t see the ‘fader’ level in that send when the send was turned on. You can see it when the send is turned off which is completely backwards. I figured they would have corrected this in the 9.5.10 upgrade but nope, issue still there for me. Anyone else?


Could you send a screenshot, please?

Here’s one that’s ‘on’, where you can’t see the send amount, and one ‘off’, where you can.
Send On.jpeg
Send Off.jpeg


The Send is Deactivate. Alt+Click the On/Off button, please.

Martin, did you see both of my pictures? I believe I know how to ‘activate/deactivate’ the send, and when it is active, there is no difference in the colour under the title of the send, like there is when it is de-activated. The only indicator of level is the number.

I’m sorry, you are right. I mixed it up with the Inserts, because it looks like de-activated Insert effect.

Could you have a look to the Preferences > User Interface > MixConsole Rack Colors? What is the Sends (Post-Fader) color here?

That’s it! Simply a colour issue. I take back what I said. My fault!