Still can't see the actual send names in the automation lanes...!

This deserves an: ARRGGGHHHH!!! In the automation lanes in the Project Window It still only says “Send 1” etc., instead of the actual name that we’ve used for the FX Track. This is especially fun when you regularly have mixes with 20 - 30 sends.

I know the following isn’t helpful, but after years of people requesting this I can’t help but write: I just can’t understand why this very basic DAW requirement is still an issue after so many years.


What is your expectation, please, What would you like to see instead of Send 1?

I would like to see (as in all other DAWs I’ve used) whatever I have named the Sends myself in the Mixer/Project Window. Let’s say I re-named Send 1 as “Vocal - Valhalla Room”, it should say, for example, “S1: Vocal - Valhalla Room” in the automation lane instead of “Send 1”. “Send 1” has no reference at all to what I’ve named it myself, which is a significant issue especially in bigger mixes. The way Cubase does it only serves to confuse and muddle, and it confuses and muddles extremely well in projects with many Sends that you have automation on. If you’ve renamed a Send, it seems very simple and obvious to have that name be reflected in the automation lanes, which is why I’m so perturbed as to why this continues.