STILL cubase does not load all the preferences on startup.

STILL my cubase 10.0.30 does not load my saved cloud preferences, I have deleted so much, reinstalled, deleted presets and it still misses this. Any one else have this issue?
I made a list:

  1. Does not load my Colour Preferences even after multiple saves / deleting other configs on computer

  2. Does not keep the Audio Device / Device port of the Audio Interface - even after multiple saves / deleting other configs on computer (user specified Audio in)

    Tempo Detection - at any time of the process OR when converting back to standard tempo (like changing the curse to arrow - this one is guaranteed crash for me).

Any suggestions? I mean I don’t even have another option in the preferences panel any more and saved over “Default”
Thanks in frustration. This has been dogging me since the move from 9.5.
T xxxxx :slight_smile:

MacBook Pro, Mojave, 10.14.6 (18G103), Cubase Pro 10.0.30.


  1. Saving/Loading Color preferences is buggy. There is an known issue, if you save the Color Preferences, it’s not saved. I would recommend to save the whole Profile.

  2. Do you mean in the ASIO Driver in the Studio Setup > VST Audio System? It doesn’t choose after which action?

  3. Could you attach the *.crash file, please?

I would recommend to split these to 3 threads.

Thank you - yes - I will split them up and take some more care over the descriptions. I also noted my Audio in’s and out’s were also messed up.So blasted ALL my prefs…
But will rewrite.

T xx

Post the links here then please, so I can visit the threads. :wink:

Are you on macOS 10.14? Did you allow Cubase an access to the Microphone in the Preferences > Security?

Yes, this is what I found out today. So I decided to load up my “Preset 1“, made color changes and saved it under a different name, “Preset 2“.
It seems that Cubase does not accept saving color changes under an already existing preferences file name


Too many duplicates of this one post here on the forum. Better to link them, then duplicate…

It’s normal that this issue is duplicated.
There are duplicated posts because Steinberg doesn’t fix this problem after 1 year.
When Steinberg take care of this bug, users will stop talking of this problem.

The colors of my faders have turned transparent today. I checked Google for a solution…

No, still no solution.

Ok, I will spend my time in changing colors again.

I am angry with Steinberg for not solving this.