Still getting "Verification Pending"

Hi Folks,
4 looks great, here’s an issue I’m having

  • Bought the update from 3.5, used the download code, but didn’t see 4 as the Downloader was already running and needed a kick to see 4 was there
  • Restarted the downloader, installed 4
  • After all that, the Activation Manager shows “Verification Pending”. Followed the link and the instructions
  • Namely, entered the Download code again, went through the upgrade process which went exactly as predicted in the tech note
  • However I still have Verification Pending, even after restarting the Activation manager.

Any ideas?

I went through the process again, and this time it recognized that there’s no license I can upgrade. It showed the “non upgradable Dorico 3.5 license” as before (I guess that’s a legacy one left around from the old system), so it looks like the upgrade went through, however I still have


Well I can use 4 in the meantime at least, hopefully I can also install on other computers w/out issue too.

log out and log in of the activation manager did the trick for me.

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Thanks - no dice, but a reboot finally did it :sweat_smile:

it’s always one of these three… restart, relog, reboot… btw there’s a small “refresh” button in the upper corner, too! maybe that would’ve already helped.

Naw, tried the refresh multiple times, log out, log in, finally in the words of IT Crowd “Hi this is IT support have you rebooted your computer?”

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@Ben_at_Steinberg Since you are interested in this topic, FYI when I was activating Dorico on a second computer, (again Windows), this time the “Sign In” button refused to launch a web browser (Firefox), which is correctly set as the default browser. Restarting the app several times didn’t work, again finally a reboot fixed the issue.

Separately on a Mac, installation had some glitches, but after restarts and fiddling around I got it to work.

So with three installations/activations on two Windows computers and one Mac, it’s about 50/50 for having issues.

Thanks for the feedback @DanMcL - we’ll continue polishing any rough edges people encounter! Some of the things you mention are often hard to reproduce reliably. Do you have any anti-virus or suchlike installed?

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Yeah I’m a software developer and appreciate that problem! No bog standard Win 10, new laptop actually, no anti virus. One point however, Firefox wasn’t launched, so when I hit the button it launched and restored all my windows, of which I have many. Also on several virtual desktops (just the built in Windows desktop feature), and because of the way Firefox works it places the windows back on the desktop they were on before. So, when the sequence fired off it changed desktops to another, but not the one that had the sign in. So I went back to the desktop that had the sign in pop up, but as mentioned going through the sequence didn’t work, and the Activation Manager wasn’t popping new sign ins with further hits.

Maybe that’s something that can be reproduced …

Thanks for the tip - I’m reasonably sure we won’t have tested it using virtual desktops.

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