still got huge problems using JamUp as IAA insert effects in Cubasis

most of the time JamUp makes Cubasis go belly up. other iaa insert effects do play nicely so it looks like Positive Grid can’t get their act together. for a while they did care abot that issue but then they chose to ignore my problem…

Hi mm70,

Please get in touch with Positive Grid, and share their feedback with us.
We’re at hand to exchange with them if required.


They gave up on this issue some time ago…

I’ve actually had great success using JamUp/JamUp Pro as IAA inserts in the latest version of Cubasis. I’m using an iPad 4 with 128GB.
I recently abandoned using Amplitube as a guitar processor plugin as it was just too bloated and consumed an excessive amount of CPU bandwidth.
I find JamUp uses about half what Amplitube does and would be even better if they released a “plug-in” app without the sampler/recorder/audio player baggage.

Occasionally I have to double-tap/swipe up JamUp and clear/reload in Cubasis, but it’s quite rare and it happens more often with other IAA plug-ins.
If you can describe your problem in more detail, maybe I can help,

Thanks for sharing your tips with the community, 642carl!
Greatly appreciated!


I loved JamUp! I chose it because it worked as a plug-in much more smoothly than Amplitube, which I really enjoyed as a stand alone thing. I bought all the in-app purchases and was really happy with how it worked in Cubasis 2. But recently, I started getting a lot of crashes in cubasis 2. Eliminating JamUp always fixes the issue. Yesterday I tried it one last time but when I try to send a clean guitar out to be re-amped and record it back in, it is glitchy and distorted and also becomes an insert effect on every channel! I’ve contacted Positive Grid, no reply. I’ve told them that when someone like myself has purchased JamUp Pro and all the in-app stuff and then they abandon the App in favour of working on Bias - they could at least offer me a discount on the new software. No reply. It’s not really about the money though, I think it’s about a little respect for customers and doing the right thing by people. So, no more positive grid purchases. I think I’ll try Tonestack.

Avoid either! As soon as they have your money Positive Grid stop careing. And Steinberg always blame others first…
But Tonestack and Cubasis 2.5 do work together nicely.

I use jam up pro regularly without any issues

Are you using the latest Cubasis 2 and latest iOS and what iPad?

Hi mate, I’m using iPad Pro 9.7, all apps and iOS fully updated. I doubt it makes a difference but for what it’s worth I nearly always use jam up pro for bass Guitar tones and tonestack for my regular guitars

In that case I won’t delete JamUp just yet. I’m upgrading the iPad soon. Maybe it’s that. But I’ll get Tonestack today. I use JamUp for bass tones as well, and I’ve been really happy with it for sounds, can’t fault it from that point of view. Thank you very much for your help mate. :slight_smile:

Hi mm70,

Sorry, but have to disagree to both topics…

From what I see, JamUp Pro has received many updates in the past.
Additionally, as other users have mentioned here, the app seems to work with Cubasis so.

Regarding the other point, where does Steinberg blames others first?


No worries mate. Hope you can get it sorted. Yeah jam up for bass kicks ass, and tonestack is great too, only thing I would say is you don’t get a lot in tonestack without buying the iap’s. If only one of them would just go AU and I’d be well happy.

I think mm70 has a chip on their shoulder or something, seems to do a lot of crying and whining around here… certainly not heeding their own advice and avoiding cubasis otherwise why are they still frequenting this forum?

I think cubasis is great and buy a country mile is the most stable iOS daw so keep up the good work and keep the updates coming yo :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback Extnctn6!

I’d strongly suggest to let other app developers know about your Audio Unit requests.
Audio Unit can be more or less seen as Apple’s successor to Inter-App Audio. Luckily, the number of AU compatible apps is steadily growing, which is a good thing.


Thanks mate, from reading the Audiobus Forum I’m pretty sure the developers are aware that iOS guitar players are desperate for an au amp/fx sim it’s just a waiting game at the mo…

There are lots of people saying it doesn’t work, though I’m wondering now if it’s because I only have the iPad Air. It certainly doesn’t work for me.

Taken from one of your more recent posts: “Cubasis is known to be pretty stable by itself and should not crash in regular situations. However, problems can easily appear due to incompatibilities with 3rd party plug-ins (instruments and effects), which are often unrelated to Cubasis itself.”

Positive Grid stopped answering emails on this topic quite some time ago.

Because Cubasis is the closest to a good alround DAW…

I’d just like to add to this thread, I’m currently experiencing a problem using Cubasis 2 with the iTrack Dock. I contacted Focusrite about it and posted in this forum. I currently have a chap from Focusrite and 2 staff from Steinberg trying their best to help me. I’m very impressed with the customer service from both. I have contacted Positive Grid several times by several different methods over the last few weeks. They have never replied, not even once. I know who I’ll not be buying Apps off in future, and who I now trust.

FWIW, I have the full version of JamUp Pro (all in-app purchases). I’ve been using it as IAA in Cubasis with no issues, so maybe this is some odd conflict with another installed app. Make sure to double-click/swipe to clear any other running apps. Sometimes you have to open/reclose an app to truly get rid of it (I have this problem with TC VoiceRack Fx, tho this is kind of an old app)
If the problem persists, try doing a factory reset of your iPad and sparingly re-installing only the apps you really need.

Two different iPads, both with latest applicable iOS installed, and latest Cubasis.
iPad 4
iPad 5thGen(2017)