still got huge problems using JamUp as IAA insert effects in Cubasis

Thank you very much. I’ll look at that. Although I’ve been using iPad for about 3 years now, I’ve never heard anything said about conflicts between software the way you do with pc’s. I wondered if it was even an issue. I guess I do have some Apps I could shed.

Do you ever use JamUp in Cubasis to record the re-amped sound back in on a new audio track or do you just mix it down and then pull the new wav back in to a new audio track?

To all iAA users,

From my test experience :

Please note, if you work with iAA and Cubasis.
The iAA’s have to be finished clean before you start them for Cubasis.
Some iAA’s will not close cleanly after exit to home screen.
To terminate iAA’s safely it is best to switch off and restart from iPAD.

Once an iAA connection is lost, this can lead to instability and side effects.
Also the CPU consumption of the iAA’s running in the background can lead to instability.
The iAA’s which are not loaded in Cubasis but run in the background are not displayed as CPU consumption in Cubasis.

If an app offers the iAA and AU interface, the AU interface is preferred for stability reasons.

best Jan

Thank you Jan. That all makes a lot of sense. I’ve just mixed down a guitar part using JamUp Pro, muted the clean, removed the send, closed everything, switched off iPad, restarted, opened the project, imported the re-amped audio and it sounds stunning and is working brilliantly. JamUp can still be used in this capacity to great effect. I wish the other functions still worked properly for me but iPad recording still seems to be very much about finding work arounds and bouncing between apps. It is coming good though and Cubasis 2 is the best thing I’ve used so far.