Still have crackling/popping after purchasing a soundcard.

Hello all,

I recently purchased Cubase, and I am having an issue with crackling and popping when monitoring my guitar track with no effects. I have seen recommendations to increase the buffer size/latency but this has not worked for me. I purchased an EVGA Nu sound card in hopes that it would help solve my issue but it still persists.

My setup is a Guitar > Focusrite Scarlett Solo > Cubase > EVGA Nu sound card > Schiit Magni headphone amp. I am using Asio4All because I am not sure how to record in from the Scarlett if I use the EVGA’s ASIO driver.

In ASIO4ALL’s control panel, I have the Scarlett Inputs turned on and the EVGA Nu Speakers turned on. I have tried buffer sizes from 512 all the way to the maximum 2048 samples, and still have crackling noises.

My CPU utilization is only at about 4% and my real time peak in Cubase is barely above when I am trying to monitor the guitar,

Is there some other configuration I can try to reduce the crackling?

Hi and welcome,

If you are using ASIO4ALL, then there is no difference, if you use an integrated Audio Device or other one. The driver is still ASIO4ALL. I would recommend to buy an Audio Device with own proper ASIO driver.

But, you could maybe solve it just by optimising your system. Please use LatencyMon utility to test your system.

Wy are you not using just the “focusrite solo” with its dedicated focusrite driver? And the headphone amp connected to that.

Last time I had focusrite interface was about 3 years ago, it was Scarlett with 4 preamps, forgot exactly model name but it was mkII, for few days , returned it because I had quiet audio pops every few seconds.
Also had focusrite interface before that too and also had issues with it.
I think focusrite have the worst drivers.
I personally would recommend another interface like steinberg ur22