Still have issues with configured actions

After the update to v1.1.20 (is use VST Live Elements).

Although I now can configure multiple volume and mute actions for all channels, main volume and other parts i want to control with my midi controllers, i can not reload the settings after i saved it to a file.

After I have configured all my needed actions, I can save the project and save the configuration to a file.
All works fine until I restart VST Live.

First, not all of the actions were present. I could not figure out which one will survive.
But it seems to be the “first”.
In the application tab the main volume control keep setted, but in the channel tab (or layer tab) only one action for layer 1 is still present. The others are lost.

The same when I then try to load my saved actions-file. Nothing changes.
Either the saving or the loading is defect.

Another point I would like to have is to sort the channels which where linked to the layers.
When I have three layers, the first layer will be matched to channel 1, layer 2 to channel 2 and so on.
But when I swap layer 2 with 3, or remove layer 2, create an new one and move the new layer to the second position, the channel order keep or the new layer (which will be on second position) is linked to channel 3.

I understand that the channel order will be set to the creation order of the layers.
But it will be very confusing when I, like in the description above, have midi actions to control the channels, but will watching the layers view.

I use to control the channel to have control over FX and Tracks (oder Stacks).
If I use the actions to control the layers only, all is fine because the second layer will always the controlled by the same fader, whatever order I have in the layer view.
But that i unfortunately not valid for the channel view

Are you refering to channel actions only? And is that after you reloaded your project? Actions are saved both locally, and in the project. When you load a project that has been saved with certain actions, these should be available after you loaded that project. We tested many projects with different sets of actions.

Could you send us that file so we can examine? Thanks.

That’s in the making and will be possible with the next version. That will also solve the problem of changed channel order disrupting assigned actions. A temporary workaround is to use the “Selected” attribute for channel actions. You can select channels remotely with according actions.

I just created a little test project to give to you. (291.7 KB)

It contains a part with three layers and a group channel for reverb.

I also configured seven channel actions (channel 1 to 7) to change volume with my X-TOUCH MINI and set the main volume action to be controlled by the master fader at the X-TOUCH.

Then I saved the actions to the xtouch.actions file and saved the project.

After closing the project and VST Live and reopen the project, only the action for channel 7 is loaded.
The action for the main volume kept configured but is not responding to the master fader.

It seem to loose the connection to the MIDI Controller after reopening the project.
If i re-add the X-TOUCH as Controller, the main volume action works again, the channel 7 action too.

The workaround with the “selected” attribute is not an option.
VST Live should be a tool for live performance. There is no time - least of all while playing - to select the channel or the layer you want to change, than change it, and select another layer/channel, to change that.

Thank you very much. We can see all 7 channels, but only the first one is loaded. Will fix asap.

Yes, agreed, it was just a suggestion for a temporary workaround.