Still having daily crashes with 7.5.1

I keep coming back to C7 in the hope of finding some stability with new updates, but when I do I still get 2 or 3 crashes daily. Just now I clicked between the new Visibility tab and Inspector in the arrange window, and boom! Crash. Other examples include duplicating an existing track, opening an editor. All seem totally random, and I cannot pinpoint any suspect plug-ins.

For the record, 6.5 runs all week long with no crashes or issues. So, I’m at a total loss.

I’ve invested in 7 and 7.5, and love some of its new features, but have still not completed a track in 7.x. I always go back to 6.5, which works flawlessly. I have the same experience on my Mac Pro and Macbook Pro, so I know this isn’t system specific.


Hey steve. Love your stuff by the way. Are you using a virus ti in your projects?? When I first switched to 7.5 I was crashing all over the place with the ti in there. I would also crash a million times if I was working on an existing project from cubase 5.

I’m working on a new track fresh into 7.5 and I haven’t crashed once at all. I’m not sure if the virus is the problem but there might be something there. I was told by access that 4 gigs of ram is not enough and I would run out of memory when projects get bigger. I have an issue with graphics on my plugins going missing and then crashing all over the place.

Have you updated to the latest version of VEPro that came out about a month ago?

Thanks for the suggestion guys.


Yes, I am using virus TI. I really hope this isn’t the problem! I’ll look into it. I have 12Gb RAM, so should be good there. I have created projects from scratch several times in 7.x and this hasn’t helped so far. So, let’s investigate the Virus… Sigh.

Yes, on the latest.

Yep it’s the fucking virus then. I knew it!! Well we will see soon enough. Keep me updated steve

So, this just happened. I load a project, recall a screenset and:

Pretty typical of my Cubase 7.x experience so far.

I have a random crashes while loading projects and occasionaly whe working. Aee you using Slate Digital plugs ?

I’ve been working on a track for about 16 hours in. Mostly messing with chords but I haven’t used the virus at all and I have not had 1 single crash or trouble. I don’t have a lot of plugins going though. Only a few instances of sylenth massive and battery. I also have some NI vintage compressors(thought those might have been the problem before).
Now I have introduced the TI. So let’s see if I start crashing.

Better luck with 7.5.20 come April :wink:

Thanks :wink:

I just installed 7.5 followed by the .10 update, went pretty smoothly.

However I can’t seem to quit Cubase. It hangs, then crash quits. Even if I don’t load a project… if I close the hub and file menu, quit, the program crashes.

This happened in 7 only when I had intensive projects, when I’d close the program would force quit.
I rarely have program crashes, the times when I do, they are pretty predictable (midi editors, certain plugins).

I’m Mac too, 10.9.1