Still having problems with the forum log in

I am still having problems with the forum log in. It will not remember me and asks me to “log in” every time I visit. I posted about this before but I guess it got taken down. Any idea of when this will be fixed?

It got moved to the Forum Issues forum Thomas. I don’t use automatic login, but having just tried it, it doesn’t seem to work for me either, on Windows with IE, Chrome, or Firefox.

Does anyone from Steinberg read these posts? If so why isn’t it fixed. It has been going on for a couple of weeks. No biggie but…

I just got logged in automatically, like in the old days. I guess it’s fixed now.


In the “Forum Issues” section:
Appears to be fixed now.

Yes it does seem to be fixed.

Steinberg employs a lot of programmers/geeks and it still took them over 7 days to fix the problem. One wonders why???

I am just glad it is fixed and I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to the people who finally got it solved…

This morning no access via saved password and the sign on page wanted me to reset my password. I finally got in. There still seems to be a problem. Hackers or changes that Steinberg is making in the forum? This is getting old very quickly.

I personally found this: if you open an URL pointing to some past thread (I don’t know how old that “past” is), then next time I come back to the forum, I have to login again.

I am back to the “I have to log in every visit” problem with this forum. Anyone know what the problem is? and when it will be fixed?

Did you try this?
2016-01-18 12_49_55.png

Yes I did and as soon as I leave the forum and come back I have to log back in. It was fixed for a while but seems to be broken again. Thanks for the suggestion.