Still Having Probs (Long post but mods pls read)

Hi All
Cubase 10 pro…>start VST Connect SE…> log in Using my Steinberg Log in Details >C.SE logs mi in …great ? NO…!

what happens Next… I cant generate a Pass Code without logging out or first using the ID button and then trying that way , only to find that the Artists connect performer gets the message Studio using the code " xxx xxxx" is not connected .
other Error messages include
From my connect SE…
not registered , mot logged in , E Mail and or password is unknown…(although VST Transit logs on without any probs what so ever using the exact same credentials )
I also had a crash where upon Cubase exited so fast that I wished the program in normal exit mode would say bye bye in that tempo.
it connected to the guest connect one time and one time only All the relevant Connection light on the artists vst connect where showing all is ok only to find that when I got back to my studio pc the screen had no less than three of the dreaded white box with the "critical error message and telling me to save my project using another name etc, I could not even do that the second I touched the thing to close the message boom no Cubase.

what I have done thus far >

apart from wasting Endless hours
I have reset my Steinberg PW
re installed the licence control to the latest version and performed the obligatory tasks
tried starting Cubase new both with or without an OS shutdown (cold Start )

sent out help requests on this forum and apart from one real nice guy (thanks man ) got no help from mods or anyone from mothership…
which leads me to believe this feature is dead in the water or is no longer supported… I think if that is the case its a real shame the vst connect has in my eyes a BIG… BIG … BIG. part to play in the Modern day and age of cloud based recording…

I so much wanted to use this . This is the first time I have had an internet (permanently connected) connection exclusively for my DAW and I would love to utilise my high speed connection to the full …
I am not getting any younger and the grey cells in my head may be declining so I want to get a handle on this before I get left behind…

is there any one out there Able to illuminate me on where or what I may have got wrong or is the feature flawed or is it my Daw
is anyone having similar probs ??? or has anyone gotten this to work in C.10 ???
is it worth getting a support ticket ?
Thanks for listening Guys

I wont Even Think About Buying the Pro Version if the SE version is anything to go by

just worked then crashed no warning this time

Sent a PM.


Sorry to bump this post, I am having issues with connectivity. I realize the issue could be resolved in some of the other posts, but they get quite lengthy to try and sift through all the details to find the relevant info.

I wanted to PM you but I have only just logged in and the site tells me I should participate before I can PM.

I run Nuendo on my laptop and my PC.

Both connected separately - PC box is via LAN, laptop via phone (not in LAN). I have also had my colleague try the studio pass login.

The accounts logged in see each other in the friends page of the app, but when I use the ID method to connect I get a small delay after typing the code in to performer (on laptop), after which I get an error on the PRO PC: sorry: connection failed. Try again later.

I have similar issues when using the login method.

Do you have any suggestions?

Not quite sure if this was covered already here: the two methods to connect are
a) both sides login via mySteinberg, one locates friend in the friends list and double clicks to connect. Do not click the ID button in this case.
b) Do not log in with mySteinberg but have studio click ID button, have Performer know the number shown and type it in his field and click connect. Performer must also not login with this method, just type the number then connect.