Still Issue with asio guard

I have noticed that on Vst Synths that the Asio guard does not show any sign of moving and i have one synth that hits red and still no sign of the Asio guard working.
The funny thing i dont hear a glitch when it hits red.
I have Asio guard on normal and power scheme and multi-processing. buffer size 512 on my i7 ,6core 32gig ram machine. plenty of power.
Just running my fingers up the keyboard produces a big red on one track only.
When is this whole thing going to be sorted ?
Asio guard does not want to move and protect me.

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You have only one track, that track is record enabled.
Audio Guard works as a additional playback buffer, and is Not doing anything for record enabled tracks.
That is by design,

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I understand now , but why one synth causes so much cpu .

It is an Arturia synth and i have quite a fast machine