Still Limits the Midi Tracks [Cubase Elements]

Hi, hope someone can help me. I’ve been a Cubase LE 11 user, then I finally bought Cubase Elements 11, so i could expand my usage especially with midi tracks. but upon opening and using it after installation, It still gives me just 24 midi tracks, instead of 64 midi tracks as per Steinberg’s website. It is as if i never upgraded my software. :frowning: did i just waste my money for it? hope there is still a solution for this :frowning:

They use the same executable, so are you certain you activated your license for Elements in eLicenser? Sounds like it’s still using your old LE license.

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What i remember is i think i have activated the activation code before installing the Cubase Elements, does it have something to do with it?

Then I have sent an email to their support and replied stating that I have a crack-illegal license emulator installed alongside with my cubase elements, and I am now currently searching on how to remove that, maybe it is just some residue from old files on my PC

Is there a way to fix that without reinstalling my system operation or PC?

Are you saying that you purchased an upgrade from a cracked version?!?

I certainly hope that is not the case and I am misunderstanding your situation.

What legitimate Cubase license shows in the eLCC?

(I seriously can’t believe I am even replying to an admitted pirate … however, I’m a believer that people can change for the better).

No, I did not upgrade from a cracked version. I bought a fresh legal copy of Cubase Elements, I really wanted to use a legal copy on my PC, so after I bought and installed the Cubase elements, maybe there are still some residues from an old cracked version installed before. The support team stated that they cannot provide support for that, even if I bought a legal Cubase Elements, and they suggested that I should reinstall my operating system, and a fresh installation of cubase in order to address the issue.

The problem I have now is on how to remove those cracked licenses i used before on my soft elicenser. and have a clean and fully functional cubase elements without reformatting or reinstalling my system operation. But if reinstalling the operating system is the best solution for that. maybe I would do it, coz I have no choice.

That’s a tough one.

I don’t know if will will work, but have you tried to uninstall and reinstall the eLCC application? Perhaps it will create a new Soft-eLicenser. If not, you could try to run the eLC Installation Helper …

Soft-eLicenser (virtual license container) is missing – Steinberg Support

Maybe this will give you a fresh start where you can enter the Elements activation code? I don’t know …

Lesson learned, I guess. Good luck.

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Yes, I’ve already tried that one. thank you very much! It is indeed a lesson learned. God bless us all,

I’d just like to share this with everyone and anyone who reads this. I have successfully installed my Cubase Elements by the instructions of [Scab_Pickens] I thought I have done that but when I tried it. It worked! all the licenses that were installed were gone. And now I have a clean and fully functional Cubase Elements :slight_smile: without re-installing my system operation :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, the support team did not even suggest that or instructed that, they recommended reinstalling my system operation without even letting me explain the situation, Gladly, Scab_Pickens here assisted me.

Thank you very much

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