Still loads of bugs.

I was testing VST Transit today with my friend on the other side and unfortunately this perfect concept is more “bugged” then working.

First issue I’ve found is that you can not select tracks from your project in VST Transit, which will be shared. There is no check box at all.

Second, Ive found friend on VST Transit network and I’ve sent him invitation. He did do the same, but we couldn’t accept the invitation request, button was grey. I have also received friendship invitation from another artist, but the accept button was grey too.

Third, I’ve tried to log off and log in to the VST Transit in hope that ill be able to accept those invitations, but I haven’t found them in INBOX anymore and i couldn’t send to those users another invitation, because also grey button. Well, magic has happened. Without accepting friendships one of those users (artists) have appeared in friend list window.

Fourth, project i wanted to share with him has appeared in his Transit so he did open that project. We were shocked, because audio clips were completely out of sync and on wrong positions than they have supposed to be. Midi parts were locked and he couldn’t edit them, which makes Transit a bit useless, because if he would want to change melodies and add some more notes there, basically he wouldn’t be able to do it.

Fifth, my friend has added couple of instrument lines and synced project. Those additions should appear in folder channel in my local project, but it has remained empty.

Im talking about OS X version of Cubase Pro 8.5 and the latest VST Transit.

This great addition in Cubase 8.5 could be very cool and useful if its fully working. Lets hope, that new version of Transit which fixes major issues will be available for download soon.

VST Transit follows a simple concept: all of your tracks are yours, all of other members are theirs. You can

  • define which of your tracks are visible (in the VST Transit project Tab), only those are committed to the other members and the cloud. This way, you can have “rehearsal tracks” not visible to others.
  • copy from other members’ tracks if you want to modify them, such that they become your own tracks
  • be rest assured that there are no conflicts which would be unresolvable otherwise

The owner of the project (the one who created it) also defines global project properties such as Name, Tempo etc.

Second and Third: We are currently looking into this issue, sorry for the inconvenience.

This must be a Tempo issue. Pls make sure that you have set the same tempo. It may also be a problem if one has the Tempo Track enabled and the other has not, but I will have to ask how it should be. In either case, pls. try to set the Tempo to match and it should line up.

What are those instruments, what plugins?

We do our best. There will also be a new version very soon so stay tuned.

Regarding to editing midi parts. I think that if everyone who shares the project could do edits as normally in collaboration we do. I can not imagine if you have project with 40-70 channels and your colleague would want to do some edits and changes there this system do not allow him to do. He has to create new parts, but he can not change track build up and even if he will make edited channel, it will be come big mess in that large project and Transit then will become useless for collaborating, because your colleague can’t do changes what he wants.

Please can you show me, where i can tick channels which will be shared and visible to other on this picture ?

regarding to off sync. Shouldn’t VST Transit send information about project tempo. My friend on other side has clicked open project he didnt know what tempo I’ve used and definitely tempo didnt remains 120BPM which is cubase standard when you open blank project. I also have tried open that project on another studio mac pro, but opened with same sync problem and tempo was same as on computer I’ve created that testing project.

This pic is from computer where the demo project was created

This has happened when you have opened project on other computers through Transit

Regarding to point fifth I’ve mentioned, seems more likely that the project wasn’t synced at all even if my friend pressed sync button.
this is what i can see on my side

Please consider the midi editing in shared projects. You could let (project creator) to decide to allow or not to allow others make edits. This would be much more helpful and more useful for us artists and producers.

Thank You very much

There is the general problem of conficts known to everybody collaborating on documents. If you edit and your friend edits the same data, conflicts arise which can not be resolved. It is also technically almost impossible to resolve this without the danger of projects becoming corrupted.
Usually everyone have their own part to contribute. If you want to improve on your friend’s tracks, just copy the track you want to edit and communicate the edits to your friend so he can take over or remove his track altogether.

I don’t know. I have tick boxes here. Is this your project and is it open? Maybe someone else knows…?

Yes Tempo should be communicated. Do you run the latest version? Did you try Tempo Track on/off? Also remember that the Tempo is taken from the last committed project of the project owner (who created the project), other members can not change the tempo. If they set a different tempo there will be problems. If you import a project from a friend, do not mess with project settings.

Unfortunately tempo can nowhere be seen. Consider my comments, that may explain it?

Take a look at other collaborations working on documents. Any edits that can happen from two (or more!) sides on the same part of a document are impossible without the possibility of unresolvable conflicts.
The only other way to do it would be that you pass the ownership of the track to a friend. But that is just the same as copying the track and make it yours, whereafter your friend can remove his version. This effectively leads to the same result without having to add another function which still leads to confusion, because other members may not have sync’d and still work on tracks that are supposed to change ownership. This is always a problem when the sate of one members’ document becomes different from everyone else, they may be on vacation, come back, edit their local project without prior sync…the list of possibilities to destroy the document or at least cause eternal confusion is close to infinity :slight_smile:

Tempo was same on all computers. Ill do another tests anyway

Looks like not all problems are solved reg. Tempo/sync. We’re on the case and there will be a fix very soon.
Also this:

…appears to be a Retina Display problem which we should also be able to resolve with that update. Macs with Retina Disply appear to not show them checkboxes, sorry for that.

Indeed those checkboxes are invisible on MacBooks Pro with retina display where we were testing Transit.