Still Loopy (No Preview output) - Solved

Wasn’t sure on the settings and couldn’t find any ‘how to’ instructions on the forum or the manual. So I rebooted and opened a new project so I could see the default settings but that doesn’t matter I guess, because the loop browser won’t even work on a brand new project where all I did was add a Halion Instrument track and then try the loop browser. It used to work. I never changed anything on any of my other projects in the control room. I never even opened that window.

I’m on Cubase 6.5, but I’m guessing it’s the same in 7. Press F4 to go to connections, then on the studio tab make sure your monitor is routed to your main outputs…

Hope this helps

Hey hb,
Thanks for the concise, straightforward solution. Still think the program should default to the main outs.
Just another “wouldn’t it be nice, if…”


The program does default to the main outs. Most of the time the problem is users not understanding correctly how the different modules interact.

Yes, this program has a bit of a learning curve. I’ve only had it for a week and thanks again for all the input.
You guys definitely know yer Cubase.