Still midi mixdown bug in v.1.2

If you record with cubasis keyb. it seems to mixdown your midi track fine.
But if you record a midi track using Audiobus and mix it down the resulting midi track has nothing to do with the original recorded midi track.
Example: i record 4 bars of a piano midi track.
Mixit down as midi using locators.
The result is a “160 bar” midi track!!!

Are there any other people that have the same problem?
When is this going to be fixed pleaaaase

Tom :frowning:

Hi Tom,

We are going to investigate on that problem!

Hi Tom,

Did you record the Audiobus track before doing the mixdown?
You need to do that first, it is not possible to do a mixdown with Audiobus streams offline.

Hi Tom,

I am sorry that you are disappointed with the update. I have tried to reproduce your issues without success. Thus, I have several questions.

What do you mean by creating a MIDI-track using Audiobus?

Could you provide me a step-by-step description of what I need to do in order to reproduce the issue?

I have tried this:

  • Record a event (4 bars) on a MIDI-Track
  • Mixdown the MIDI-Track (Range between locators)
  • Insert the mixdown into the arranger.

What I can reproduce is that the selector “Range between locators” has no effect. However, the reimported MIDI-event is still the same as the event that i have mixed down.

Kind regards,

“I record a midi track in Cubase using Audiobus”. What I mean is I input the notes from Gestrument or Musix pro Audiobus compatible apps. Once the midi track is in Cubasis I mixdown the 4 bar track using locators.
When I insert the mix down the track into the arranger is where the problem comes. Mi original 4 bar midi track now is a 160 o similar lenght track.
But…what I found yesterday trying out difrent things is very interesting and I hope this can help out in the mean time someone like me!:
if I copy paste my 4 bar miditrak into another track before mixdown and then I mixdown the pasted miditrack, then when i add it to the arrange it is finally identical to the original recorded 4 bar miditrack…dont ask me why?¿?
So the latest method I found is the only way at the moment to mixdown a recorded miditrack using audiobus to later be exported.
best regards