Still no bezier curves in automation!!!!!

It’s hard to believe, at version 8, that Cubase is still missing bezier curves. Most DAWs have this, even Ableton Live and Bitwig Studio.

C’mon Steinberg, please get with the program!!!


Ableton live doesn’t actually have bezier curves, just 8 preset curves you can cycle through, 4 for upward slope, 4 downward facing, and they don’t function as slopes… just visual.

OMG world ends … news at 11

The worlds been ending for over 2,000 years. But this time, it’s for reals!!!

I thought I smelled smoke

All joking aside, this -is- a drag. Like it or not, the world has gone EDM and if you do electronica of any kind you GOTTA be able to -easily- and -precisely- draw complex patterns.

I’ve been struggling (literally) for months with a vocoder effect in Reaktor where I want to modulate a formant filter to make various ‘syllables’ really POP on certain bars/beats.

What I -want- should be easy as pie: imagine a sine wave pattern that is itself modulated by a square wave.

Now… try -drawing- that in Cubase. Can it be done? Sure. You can also break out of Shawshank in 19 years.

Electronica lives and dies by creating complex automation like this and without precise drawing tools it’s a total pain. You can have all the new synths in the world, but good automation is what makes it -interesting-.

As long as automation isn´t sample accurate I´m not sure if bezier curves or not is such a big deal…Sample accurate automation should be there first and then complex automation curves makes more sense

Agreed, we need more automation curves.

But instead steinberg has given EDM producers DJ- EQ and Loopmash, which shows they have no clue what EDM producers need :laughing:

patcub thats so funny cause its true. its like all we need is a threeband eq and a tape stop effect. haha. how cute.

I want bezier curves too! Until then the above (or one of their other plugs) may fit the bill…

+1 for bezier curve


+1 for it AND sample accurate automation.

+1 on both Bezier curves and sample accurate automation.

Often, I’ll resort to a Rube Goldberg machine of VolumeShaper4 layers that I won’t even try to describe. :laughing:

+1 bezier curves
+1 sample accurate automation

I totally agree with all all comments:
+1 bezier curves
+1 sample accurate automation

(Lack of) possibilities of automation is the main reason, why I’m still using Cubase 6.5 and why I haven’t fully switched to Cubase…
From this point of view, Cubase automation < Logic and/or Live automation < FL Studio automation (I know a little bit just those four DAWs)…

but first undo in the mixer please :slight_smile: then why automation can’t be used for modulation (even Renoise can do this) then … etc.

+100000 for curves!

You can use automation for modulation.

AFAIK MIDI Controller data or Note Expression (CC based) can be used only for modulation inside MIDI Events, but what about the Automation Events (can only work with it on the Project window only)

Note Expression based is the easiest way but it’s PITA