Still no crossfade feature?

I’ve just seen the new 3.5 update for Cubasis and am dry disappointed to see there is still no crossfade feature added!?
This is such an important feature and has been requested multiple times for several years yet still not added!?


Whilst I’m happy that the Bluetooth headphone functionality seems better, you’re right!

For me it really could do with:

  • crossfades
  • tempo map or track to change tempo/time signature mid song
  • MIDI plugins for swing or some form of MIDI filtering for swing/delay etc.
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Yes totally agree! Tempo Track is another must for me. Until these features are added I can’t take Cubasis seriously for the work I do.

Hi all,

We are sorry that the new features and improvements added in 3.5 are not for you.
We try to make Cubasis better with every new update and hope to catch you with the next one.


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Thanks Lars. Please can we have Crossfade and Tempo Track features added in the next update as these are pretty essential features for a DAW.