Still no download purchase option...?

Just looking at the purchase page for C6, I was hopeful at first seeing a download option while waiting for the page to load, however it’s only available when upgrading from C6 Artist.

Seriously WHY can I not simply buy and download C6 RIGHT NOW rather than having to wait for, and make special arrangements to take delivery of, what is essentially a big box of paper (that will NEVER be read) to be FedEx’ed over from Germany??? A DVD will be inserted into a drive for MAYBE FIVE WHOLE MINUTES while an install happens, only to be put back into a big box of paper THAT WILL NEVER AGAIN BE OPENED!!!


…WHY!!! :angry:

Ok, everyone sit down … I AGREE WITH Fitz …

It may never happen again. Enjoy it while it lasts :laughing:

I agree that it is ASININE for Steiny to not have a down-loadable update…especially considering there is no more paper manuals any more. What a waste of money and time! Absolutely ludicrous! :unamused:

Not to mention downloads don’t go ‘out of stock’.

It might not be a single DVD … and not everyone has the kind of bandwidth needed to download that amount of data. Not even Steinberg, it would seem, as even the announcement of the product has brought their servers to a near halt as we speak …

I had purchased a download version of PT 9 without any problem, in less than 30 min. And it was more than 1gb…

OK, I’m not saying there shouldn’t be a downloadable option … and don’t forget, updates (as opposed to upgrades) are downloadable … but I just had a look at the C5 package, and with all materials, trials, videos and demos it came to 18.11GB – now, even with my 8GBit/s broadband (which actually maxes out at a measured 2.6GBit/s), there’s no way I would want to download that. Even if I did, I then want to burn it to disc as a backup anyway, so no, I personally wouldn’t have any interest in a downloadable.

WaveLab 7 was a comfortable 464MB download, if only downloaded for one platform, but if you look at C6 as a whole package, there’s a hell of a lot more there, and a lot more than PT9 as well, for that matter.

Steinberg could of had the downloads broken up into: Cubase 6 update, tutorials, C6 VST instruments, etc. No excuses in this day and age Steiny.

+1 for download. Her in doors would never need to know!



The cubase 6 package is simply to big. Halion SE is already 3,5 gb I believe. We also wrote here that the whole online sales thing is an ongoing project.



… which I suspect is the most common reason people look for downloadable versions. If anyone ever invents a device that would monitor what gets bought via internet download and sends email alerts to the wife, they’d make a fortune!

I bought that IK Multimedia Extravaganza thingie with 5 plugins as a download in August last year and the library files are 30GB.
To me it was OK but if I had a telephone modem I’d still be downloading.
That doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t (pardone the double negation) be a good to let those who can download if they so wish? Save the planet a bit at the time? If you’re not part of the soulution … :slight_smile:

I’m going to tell your wife :smiling_imp:

I agree, no download option really sucks big time.

It’s 2011 - come on, give us the choice.

In a few months I will have the option of 40MB broadband.

Other parts of the world are already running 100MB or faster!

It seems like everyone is doing it except Steinberg…

Think about saving the planet, guys. No more packaging, no DVDs, no fuel being used by all the transport links to get all the boxes from Steinberg all over the globe…


Yeah, no download option is silly in this day and age.

This is the age of environmental awareness. Plastic & transport fuel just aint a good look these days. It’s not like you’re selling microwave ovens.

Come on Steiny, get with the rest of the software world. Reduce your carbon foot print and make it all available to download.

DVD’s should just be available as an option - not a requisite. Your justification for boxed products only, doesn’t cut it.

No download for whole numbered versions is good.

Support your local music store.

Same here and was surprised how quick it downloaded.

For all the above reasons we probably will not see it at the app store either.
But then again never say never.



Especially for countries that get products and upgrades late, like Canada. It would be far simpler, far faster, and likely cheaper to have a download option.

Ya know, 10 years ago, I might have agreed with you on this - and I dig where you’re coming from (sincerely). However, for me, these days, I hate music-stores and avoid them like the plague. Staff are too often either smart-arses that don’t know as much as they think they know, or smart-arses that do know a lot but their arrogance makes them too unbearable to buy from, or they just want to sell you what’s in stock. Then you end up paying signficantly more (than the internet) for this, ahem, ‘professional advice’. Bah! No thanks.

I’m sure there’s such a thing as quality staff but, it’s too rare for me and besides, I save money buying from my computer. I’m expereienced and I know what I need and what I’m looking for. My financial stability is just as important as theirs and I’m still supporting the greater industry at large by ‘buying’.

Bugger the shops. Gimme the downloads please and I’ll order the DVD’s if I need them.