Still no fix for the transport bar problems in Cubase update 12.0.10

I was very disapointed to discover that the bug in which the fast forward/rewind keys stay on when clicked with a mouse was not addressed with update 12.0.10

This makes using Cubase with just a mouse virtually impossible when trying to edit tracks.

I know there are keyboard commands, but often they aren’t as convenient.

Please try to address this problem in the next update.
I’m annoyed that I’ve paid for an update from Cubase 11 to 12 and one of the most used functions now doesn’t work!

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Yes I agree this problem is very frustrating.I think it needs less an hour to fix it but they are sleeping.

Why do you think it needs less than an hour?

it’s 2 months that we know about this frustrating problem.They also know but nobody has provided to fix it.Is it normal?For me not.