Still no option to specify multiple copies of cds from Write Audio CD from DDP function?

Probably like most of you all, these days I’m rarely asked to burn cds for clients. But it still happens occasionally. (As is also probably the case for most of you all??? ) So it would be GREAT if WL included the option to specify the number of cds to make from the “Write Audio CD from DDP Image” function. Apparently, this feature has been requested at least twice before, and even got a response from PG1 in June 2016 saying, “It’s already on the todo list.”

I’m on WL Pro v 11 and don’t see it. So, maybe it’s still on the todo list? If this has been added to WL 12, super, I’ll upgrade - and could someone please let me know if that’s the case? I think I did my due diligence before posting this, by downloading the WL Pro 12 manual. But it appears this function is still not available. (pgs 681-683)

As I said, I recognize that in general, the need for cd burning is pretty rare these days. So I understand why adding this feature would be low priority. OTOH, it sure would be a time saver for those occasions when loyal Steinberg customers like Jeremiah, OnBeat, myself (Cubase user since VST/32 5, and WL user since v5, I think?) and probably others have the need to create multiple cds from ddp.



I understand but it’s possible to open DDP as Montage
and then burn multi copies in the CD-dialog …

regards S-EH


Hi S-EH, thanks for the reply. I understand both of the points you made. But it begs the question, why was the burn cd from ddp function even added in the first place? I’m betting the answer is, to save time. Which is why I (and probably others) requested the option to specify # of cds to burn from ddp, as we have in the burn from montage function. But, I get it. It’s low priority to upgrade a function that barely gets used any more.

Thanks for the reply anyway, I do appreciate that. Cheers.

Note that since you can import a DDP to a montage, you could use that way to burn multiple CDs from a DDP.

On a related topic, I saw a French TV report yesterday indicating that there is a renewed interest in CDs (at least in France). For instance, last year, 10 million CDs were sold compared to 5 million vinyl records.

Miscellaneous quotes from this report:

  • People under 35 years old are the primary buyers.
  • CDs are usually cheaper than vinyl records. This is a better way to support artists than streaming.
  • It’s a bit warmer than listening to music on a platform.
  • The ease of buying online contributes to this trend. There are especially online shops that are direct channels “from artists to fans”, with options such as choosing the cover and the title(s) to put on the CD. Sometimes they also include a concert ticket.

When I hear 16bit audio my mind always goes to “warmer”.

Thanks PG1, I appreciate it when the developer replies to users. Sincerely, thanks.

As I mentioned in my response to S-EHansson, I understand that ddp images can be opened as a montage, and then cds can be burned from there using the “regular” burn-cd dialog, which includes the option to make multiple copies in one go. Incidentally, StudioOne can also do this, and from my entirely subjective point of view, does this particular task a tiny bit easier. (But for the record, I still adore WL, and recognize that it can do many things S1 can’t.)

Anyway, given that there are many software titles that can open ddp images in their version of the WL montage, and burn multiple cds. . . what’s the point of WL even having the utility to burn directly from ddp? To save time, right? Which is also the reason we have the option to specify multiple copies from the burn cd from montage - right? So. . . I can’t help but wish you’d add the option to burn multiple cds in the burn-from-ddp utility. It’s a little thing, I know. But it’s the little things that add up. And if cds are making a comeback - adding this small addition to WL will end up as a big time saver! :smile:


:rofl: :rofl: HAHA