Still no trial????

There is still no trial version of WLP9, I’m very interested in buying it but I want to be able to try it in a reel life experience (like mastering a small project).
Why would a company release trials after the software has been released ? Is there a commercial reason for it?
That doesn’t make sense to me, you would think they’d want to take advantage of the buzz going around when the new version comes out.

  • So that initial release is not delayed by making and testing an additional version?

  • So that most of the first users are experienced WaveLab users upgrading, thus minimising support calls?

  • So that the trial can be based on a fixed version (e.g. the upcoming 9.0.20) rather than the first buggier version (thus minimising maintenance for a non-profit version)?

  • etc.

I’d respectfully suggest there is no ‘additional version’ - that’s the whole point of the licensing system. A trial edition is the exact same full version - it is simply the license that time limits its use; no ‘features disabled’ or special builds created. If you wish to buy after trialling, its simply a new license that’s delivered, unlocking your exact same install.

Your other points I agree with as to why the usually planned (not ‘delayed’) later trial edition is announced.

And yes, we do see other company’s release both full and demo editions at first launch. I see it as just different decision making/planning/marketing/policy.

It is a matter of days, not weeks, before you can get a demo version.

Thank you all for the clarification and the infos!!!

This is great news :slight_smile:. I also think in times gone by having a trial available from the start, give the pirates a better chance of reverse engineering and breaking the protection system. As a trail was easier to get hold of than a full edition. Everything after Cubase 5 seems to be much better protected which is for the best. Great software is always worth buying.