Still No Way To Disable Hub? {SOLVED}

Hi All!

Just upgraded to 13 PRO.

Is there still no way to completely disable the hub that appears at the start? I managed to turn off the “news”… but would like to get rid of the hub completely.

Thank you

The hub is the only way to close Cubase in 13

If a project is active, you can still quit Cubase from the file menu… i just did it… but yes, if you close the project first then it is as you say. :sweat_smile:

The hub cannot be disabled anymore. As you already found out you can disable the news, but that is it. Explore the hub and you can see you can open the media bay and many many other stuff so it is more like the startup bar on top from previous versions. I was also annoyed by the fact that the hub couldn’t be disabled. The more I use Cubase 13 I get used to this design. use the shortcut Control+Q if you want to shut down Cubase completely.

Thanks for the reply… I guess I’ll just have to get used to it :expressionless:

The problem with closing Cubase while a project is still active is it can crash. Sometimes it needs time to unload a big project and closing Cubase directly doesn’t seem to like this sometimes. So I always close my projects then Cubase.

Yes. Also, if you close CB13 from anywhere, and then shut down your computer (WIN11) immediately (too quickly), CB is still loaded in the background doing its close down routines, even though there is no on-screen presence (eg HUB has closed/disappeared), with the danger of file corruption if you force a computer close down.
I t would be safer if the Hub remains visible until CB13 has completely unloaded!

yes me too… always better.