still no way to set range/scope or macros (max & min values) on Generic Remote/VST/QuickControls?

I would like to setup multiple parameters from VST Plugins (Insert/Send FX) or VST Instruments to be controlled by ONE MIDI controller knob (or ONE virtual knob, a macro knob if you will, which you then can connect to a MIDI controller).

This can be done with such ease inside other DAWs like Bitwig and Ableton. It’s called Macros in Bitwig. Super handy and super easy to setup.
This seems totally impossible to setup with Cubase. You can’t even control several parameters with one MIDI knob today, even if you have setup ALL 8 Quick Controls to the same MIDI CC - it still won’t work.

Why would people want this? Here’s an example:
I want to control the Feedback on a Delay plugin and at the same time use a Lowpass Cutoff from another filter plugin - and at the same time control the Mix of a Phaser. I want to be able to set my prefered min and max values for each parameter, ie sweet spots.

This should also be working globally (by user choice), so that your MIDI controller can be used independently from whatever window/track you have selected with your mouse while recording. But doing it by track is atleast a first step…

Take a look at this to see what I mean (can be used with 3rd party plugins as well of course):

Hope you are listening Steinberg. :slight_smile:


Cubase lacks this functionality unfortunately, in the meantime you can use program Bome to do complex things, but that’s a lot of effort, instead of the practical usage in Ableton (or Bitwig, don’t know about that one, though)