Still not possible to export Metronom?! (Edit: It is ^^)

I recently upgraded my Systems to 9.5 and I love the new features.

Happily now we have a quite-usable click/metronome, finally.

BUT it is still NOT possible to include the clicktrack in an audio-export? What?! Or I am just missing something?

In almost EVERY album production I am doing (quite a lot) someone needs some kind of playbacks in the end… “just the music without drums but with the metronome”… or “just the keyboards on one track and the click on another”… etc…

I always have to re-record the click first OR I have to do midi programming first (which is boring when having lots of metric changes) … since the new metronome is so flexible with patterns, metric changes, accents etc… how can I include it into audio mixdown using offline export??


Like this? Which you could assign a short-cut key to presumably?

HELL YESS!! :slight_smile:

Was not aware of this. Thanks!! Is it there since 9.5? Was always searching for some kind of a checkbox “include audio click in mixdown” in the export menu… but this is even better :slight_smile:


You’re welcome.
Yes, always there in 9.5…it was mentioned in one of the early promo videos I think. But these new things are not always made clear in the manual unfortunately.

I watched the “new features” videos because this is quiet helpful to be aware of new features in no time (who the heck ever reads manuals?) - I must have overlooked this VERY nice feature… Updated to 9.5 2 weeks ago and I am quite happy with it and all the enhancements… Automation etc… slowly Cubase is getting there were I want it since ages :slight_smile:)