Still old bugs

Looks like existings bugs not fixed in 11.
A. While rendering audio, midi stops working from some point to the end of song, no midi instruments rendered, it happens randomly, the same bug as C10.5
B. Importing tracks from other projects does not work at all., the same bug as C 10.5
C. Starting Cubase after previous crash is often impossible because something is still living (instance of some process) in memory. Then only way is to restart computer. The same bug as 10.5

Regarding B, importing from other projects has always worked for me.

C. If y ou’re on Windows you don’t have to restart the computer mostly. It usually help with opening the task manager and kill Cubase there if it says it’s “not responding”. If Cubase persists you need to go from the “processes” tab to the “details” tab and kill it there instead. Then you can restart. Seems “details” is more powerful? Maybe you know all that and in your case you have to restart but if you didn’t know maybe it’s to some help? :grin:
And on the other hand having a professional program crashing is not good enough!!!

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C. Using taskman.exe, killing frozen process cubase10.exe (cubase11.exe) including dependent process SYNSOPOS.exe does not help. After closing all, when starting Cubase again, it starts loading for a second and then probably finds something alive in memory and immediately terminates without any message.

I don’t get any of these issues except sometimes automation isn’t recorded properly during a render. I suspect it might have something to do with your system because it didn’t happen for me in 10.5 either. That said, fairly regularly I have have to shut down Cubase in Task Manager.