Still on 10.5 how many are happy with C11

Been a long time cubase user … this update im not thrilled about really watched videos… steinberg hangout vids are great but this update not moving the needle for me…

Let me know?

Working solid so far. I’ve done 2 projects without any glitches. I haven’t been through all the paces yet but what I’ve used has worked flawlessly. I had CB 10 but because of instability, I moved back to CB 9.5. So basically I went from 9.5 to 11 and so far, so good. From seeing other’s posts, many of the bugs have been fixed and things have been running fine. The only problems stemmed from installation but that was a server problem that they’ve rectified.

Very happy

yep !
like it .
i am still testing however… thanks to corona i have more time to transfer from previous version…
have not been working much in the studio so i guess its a blessing in disguise .
but so far i am impressed with the look and feel ,
i absolutly love the scopes this alone is worth the upgrade

the spectral thing i am not to sure about the results a phasey but i guess it may be good for cover band singers to learn the vocal part :slight_smile:
the content i have not looked at since version 9 i have no need for it as i dont write edm , hip hop etc (old rocker me )
but its good to have just in case .
the eq i have the slate version and a waves dynamic eq but… this looks and feels so much better the user interface is so much easier

now i must use this chance to address something that has been irking me for years…
time after time forum users use the phrase "steinberg dont listen to us "…
that is utter B.S
here is why…
on a personal point of view …
i was one of many who asked for a sampler … we got it…
it has been continually updated and made more powerful than some of the paid stuff out there .
but my request of a better downloader has been used … it was just that what we have now is what i asked for from version 8 …
these things take time but they are always looked at and if its realistic it will be complimented … but not right away i guess they are looking at cubase 13 now as we speak :slight_smile: (who knows)
i asked for a modular downloader simply because at the time i hated that loop playing toy … i forgot what its called … i just never use it
so i asked why not have a modular installer thus giving the user the choice of what is installed eg vst vsti etc…
this was not possible at the time… but now look … maybe next version it will be expanded…who knows…
steinberg do listen…

my next request will be to continue to push for indipendant metering eg … if you have three mixers open as i often do how cool would it be to have one mixer showing input busses using input in its metering and another mixer showing tracks using post panner metering …

sorry to hijack your post for this …
but am i happy with v11 ??

Early days, but a lot to like and explore.

I was very lukewarm about C11. Not many features that attracted me. But I have considered buying Spectralayers Elements as a standalone and I have had a silly bug with 10.5.2 frequently crashing on close. So, learning that Spectralayers was included it seemed worthwhile to upgrade regardless of the other features.

I will use the improved sampler from time to time, Squasher well maybe, but I am really liking Imager and Frequency EQ with dynamics. But it is some of the smaller workflow improvements that are also turning out to be very good. Greg Ondo’s video here: is well worth a watch if you haven’t seen it. I am on W10 not Mac, but I think the whole working experience is smoother too, though I can’t put an exact finger on how and why. I have loaded dozens of previous projects going back over years and they are all fine and no more crashing on exit!

100% sold. Usual long standing bugs, but a massive move forward in so many areas.

Love it.

I am very satisfied with this upgrade. Squasher is simply amazing and also the CC automation is a godsend for working with external instruments. Just those two are enough for me to justify this update. Supervision is nice too if you find use to it.

Early days but C11 has been rock solid for me so far (but so were 10.5, 10, 9.5, 9 …). I think this is an update that might be more appreciated by long-time users, as the attention is in the detail (of which I’m discovering more each time I use it). As for new features, no blockbusters for me personally but the incremental improvements in things such as ARA2 integration, global track in the Key Editor, export dialog etc. are incredible time-savers.

Wow thanks for the replies and positive news… when available again I will update to C11

Very happy here. No issues. I like the subtle UI enhancements.

@ Mark Nomad

I updated yesterday, no issues.

Yes, very happy. Works without any issues so far. Except the SpectralLayers crash:

Updated from C10 to C11 today, no problems.
Have been working in C11 from early morning till now, no issues not even a single glitch. Very impressed.

Digging it here!


It wont be easy to get me back to 10.5. (But there is tons of old bugs that should have been fixed by now, but they are not)

Lovin’ every minute of it!

funny, most of the replies focus on C11 not having major flaws - which should not really be worth mentioning imo

Same for me so far, but HiDPI is poor - with scaling set to 125% in Windows, now Cubase runs in 125% as well, which is probably as “expected”. But it is unusable for me on a WQHD screen - GUI is now way to big as well as fonts are. Much wasted space and everything is too large. Unpractical and barely usable.
Hoping they will provide some sort of option to scale Cubase with 100% even if Win is running at 125.

Apart from that: have enough 3rd party plugins, so am not really sold by the additional vsts they pack in every time. Would appreciate more work on the “core” and long time issues.