Still possible to buy Cubase 7?

I posted this thread a couple of minutes ago and don’t see it up…I’m not sure if I misclicked something or if it’s pending approval or something, so hopefully this isn’t a double-post.

I bought a new desktop recently and want the same version of Cubase that I have on my old laptop (LE 7). Is it possible to buy version 7 or is my only option to buy 9 on this new PC and upgrade 7 to 9 on the laptop? I understand that I’ll be able to open 9 sessions on 7, but I’d prefer to have the same version running on both systems. Alternatively, what are the chances that Steinberg lets you install a single purchase of Cubase on more than one system? I’m guessing none?

Thanks! Hope this isn’t a double post, but I need an answer to this ASAP! :slight_smile:

Edit I’m an idiot. I see now that after making this that new threads do require approval, but I skipped past that bit without reading. Thanks to the mods for sorting that out.

Cubase 7 was kinda controversial when it came out, but Cubase 9 is pretty good. It takes everything Cubase 7 was trying to do and does it way better.
So i would recommend using Cubase 9 on both systems. You can upgrade the Cubase LE 7 on your laptop to Cubase Elements 9 which is a pretty big upgrade. It’s much less limited.

It’s possible to use all past versions of Cubase with a Cubase 9 license, but yeah, I think you’ll like 9 way better once you get used to it.

Alright, thanks for that :slight_smile:

Looks like it will cost me 130 Euro to buy 9 Elements and upgrade 7 to 9 which is a fair amount of money for me, but I think I need it. Thanks, Romantique. :slight_smile:

You can buy Cubase Elements 9 and run Elements 7 with the Cubase Elements 9 license on the new Computer (given you use a supported OS). So you don´t necessarily have to Switch to -V 9