Still problem with Halion Sonic 7

Hi everyone!

I don’t understand why Dorico opens several instances by Halionsonic7, and another of Halion7.

The LPROBLEMKA is that from the tracking of the traces I cannot assign the “right” instrument and to play it, in fact the reproduction is blocked.

I attach the file here, if someone could take a look at him.

Thank you infinite!
Arcidosso 1946 DANNEGGIATO.dorico (1.2 MB)

I removed the extra instruments, now only HalionSonic is loaded, but from the inspector it doesn’t allow me to choose the MID channel, and pressing on the “e” doesn’t open the instrument…


This is the only istrument loaded:

And this is my desktop with 3 HS7 open and one istance of Halion7

if I try to delete the open intrument and load a new instance of HS7 Dorico crashes

this is the model from which I started.

Canzoniere Modello.dorico (724.4 KB)

Come puoi vedere anche in questo caso risulta aperta una sola istanza di HS7, ma in realtà ne vengono aperte due!!

Hi, did you already apply the workaround as described in this thread?

Thanks so much Ulf, I’ll try, thanks so much!!!

I did a little testing with the solution suggested in the post indicated, but unfortunately it didn’t solve the problem.

After working on a project, if I close it and open another one, the connections between vst instruments and tracks are not established, I have to close dorico, open windows Task Manager (10), also close both Dorico and VST Audio Engine from here.

I reopen Dorico, I open a project and it works…

You do need to run that script each time before you start Dorico: it’s not a single-use solution.

Thanks Daniel, I think that’s what I did… i ran the script, opened dorico and worked on a project. I closed the project, Dorico is still running (in fact it opens the screen with recent projects and the rest), so I open a new project. am I doing something wrong?

Quite desperate here because I still cannot seem to get it to work. Every now and then, the VST engine will start, but only immediately after I restart my (Win 11) system and only if I run the workaround batch file (with administrator rights), then opening Dorico (with administrator rights, too). If I’m lucky, the playback will start – but more often, it won’t, while I’m never sure how long a time I should wait it out (two minutes, five, … ten?).

If it happens to start and – after working in it – I close the initial project, the Dorico hub might show up after a while, but when I open another project, there will be no sounds. Opening a second project simultaneously (even without activating playback) will cause Dorico to crash and disappear., and it won’t start up again until I reboot my system.

I have also noticed that the FlexASIO driver isn’t working properly anymore (for me, at least) because the playback (should it start up) will have crackles and time-outs. It has never shown this before. Using the Generic Low Latency Driver, however, now works fine, but only IF the VST engine starts at all.

I have updated and reinstalled Dorico 4.3.20 and HALion and made sure it is properly activated. My system updated to Win 11 yesterday, but with Win 10 before, it was just the same.
I am wondering now if my laptop maybe is too weak because it all started after downloading HALion Sonic 7. My system specs are AMD Ryzen 5 5500U 2.10 GHz (Intel Core i5 level, I believe), NVidia GeForce GTX 1650 graphics, 16.0 GB RAM, Western Digital SSD HDD (1TB). OS is Windows 11 Home Edition Version 22H2.
Another reason might be that I’m using some 3rd party VST plugins, mainly Kontakt Player (previous version), Kontakt Player 7 and Dreamtonics Synthesizer V. Funnily enough, sometimes these plugins load, but HALion does not.

I’m very sorry to bother you, but I really don’t know what to do anymore and I’d be very grateful for pointing out what I’m doing wrong. I’ve tried to enclose the Dorico diagnostics file, but it said it’s too big to upload, so I’m stuck.
Thank you for your time!

If you have Dropbox or another such service, you can put the diagnostic in there and post the link here where either @dspreadbury or @Ulf can use it to access your diagnostic.

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Or one could split up the diagnostic report into smaller chunks and post them separately. Thanks

Thank you all very much for your quick reply and advice!
I sincerely apologize that I didn’t have the opportunity to pursue the matter during the last week. The Dorico playback did start once after I posted my message, but when I tried to start it the next time – today – it didn’t and still doesn’t, no matter whatever I’m trying.

Now I’ve tried to split the files in the Dorico-Diagnostics-zip in order to be able to upload them here. (I’m sorry I don’t have Dropbox or any such service.) The only files that don’t fit the 4-MB-limit is the Crashes folder with the VSTAudioEngine5.exe.0000.dmp files which are 35 to 36 MB large each, and there are 5 of them. (1.2 MB)

I’d be very grateful if you could tell me what I’m not getting right. If you do need to look into the .dmp files, too, I will try to find a way to somehow make them accessible.

Thank you so much!

Thanks ULF, I’ll do that as soon as I get home, I’ve been around playing for a couple of weeks

Thank you very much for the data @Sarawii , but I really do need the dump files. Please send me via this board a private message with your e-mail address and I can provide you an upload address for the dumps. Thanks

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Thanks for the data @Sarawii . The 5 crash dumps all show DecentSampler.dll as the culprit of the audio engine crash. So please get in touch with the maker of that plug-in and provide them at least one of the crash dumps. By means of the crash dump they normally should be able to fix the issue.

And on your end, for the moment try to avoid using DecentSampler. Does the operation stabilize then for you or still trouble?

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Ulf, (FWIW) I have used Decent Sampler many times without it ever crashing the Dorico audio engine.

Right @Janus, but see, already the usage of a different sound patch could make the plug-in call a completely different function which in turn might crash. You see what I mean?

Dear @Ulf,

thank you so much for pointing me into the right direction! I hadn’t considered the Decent Sampler plugin at all – it hadn’t been included in my latest projects, so I hadn’t even opened it in a while, thus never learning that it had had one or two updates since the last time I checked. So it’s really not their fault, but mine entirely. After updating Decent Sampler to the newest version, Dorico and everything else seem to work flawlessly (still with the MediaBay Server workaround to date, but I will run the Dorico update as soon as possible).
Thanks to you and your dedication!

I realize now that before bothering you with all of this, I should have checked if all my plugins were the latest version. I simply haven’t been aware that this would be the sensible thing to do, – although I should have remembered that in everything software, the first thing is always to make sure that you run the newest version. I promise, next time I will! I see now that even plugins that never caused any problems before might become outdated and no more fit in as smoothly as they used to do.

Please accept my apologies for taking up your time! I deeply appreciate your quick and kindly given help … and your endless patience with all of us.


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Hi @Sarawii , you are more than welcome and no need to apologize so much. If I have the dump files it does not take a long time to check.

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Dear @Ulf,
thank you for your kind words! :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll live, but it’s still embarrassing that I have caused you work (and on your private time even!) when I could have solved the issue simply by employing the most basic rule in software history. After all, following this forum I’m sure you have enough on your hands as it is…