Still problems on midi Key editor and relative parameters

Hi, I find that the parameters ( pitch bend,Pan pot,espression,volume…) draw in the midi Key editor they have no effect on the track are as unlike you can make in Cubase despite cubasis manual says the opposite.Someone suggest me to work with automations but is not the same after all can only manage with Volume,Pan pot.As for the controls, I find it difficult to manage pan pot, pitch bend (key editor) without 0,0+,0-. Thank you.


Can anyone confirm if this problem is also on iOS, I read somewhere that on iPad or iPhone everything is ok while on Android it doesn’t work.

Hi rockmataz,
Here is something to try:
Select a midi track, tap the keyboard icon on top left, now tap RECORD and start playing anything and at the same time move the mod wheel and pitch bend, stop after you have recorded 5 or 6 bars. Now double tap the recorded midi event and drag it up to enlarge it, tap the empty space below the midi notes, now look on the top left side and any midi parameters you have recorded will be shown at the top of the list, in my photo you can see I recorded Pitch Bend, the Pitch Bend data can be seen and edited (arrowed in red)
Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi fixit

Thanks 4 your answer, the issue isn’t make a track with parameters change, but make it work as u can see I can to draw or record the controls but when I play track don’t hear modulation,or espression,only pitch bend works.Using
automations instead works but the only parameters/controls available are (Volume, Pitch bend).

I tried to create a midi mixdown with various control changes and it actually sounds good with the Android system player but not on Cubasis, strange that no one has tested or noticed it.

Hi rockmataz,
The only reason why I wanted you to test record your playing and operating mod/pitch bend was to ascertain that you could hear the same results when playing back.
I can draw the midi data to control all my Midi Learn Parameters and they all work as expected, I did try drawing in CC11 Expression but there was no change in sound. From my understanding of expression, increasing the level would gradually change the samples for the instrument (preset) you are using - if expression is actually implemented for that preset.
I am using iOS, so this is as far as I can go with helping you, sorry.

Now Is clear, you use iOS, on Android all controls CC doesn’t work,except pirch bend or volume maybe. It was my first question
or better…
Anyone users Android
have problems with these controls midi?

Of course it is paradoxical that a MIDI file edited with all the controls (modulation, portamento, expression…etc…) plays good on an Android system player but on a professional DAW like Cubasis, no…


Hi @rockmataz,

The available parameters are listed in the “Editors” chapter of the Cubasis help:

  • Micro Sonic only reacts to the parameters velocity, pitch bend and sustain (CC64).
  • Micrologue only reacts to the parameters velocity, pitch bend, sustain (CC64) andmodulation (CC1).


Thanks Lars,
for the clear answer, sorry if I miss to read the chapter, maybe in future there’s a way to charge third part vst in cubasis No?

The post Is closed definively.

Hi @rockmataz,

Unfortunately Google did not provide any solution to use 3rd party plug-ins within a DAW, as it is the case on iOS via Audio Unit, Inter-App Audio and/or Audiobus.

We strongly suggest to get in touch with Google asking for this feature, to make them aware about the demand.


Hi Lars
I fully agree, only a GS sound bank would be compatible with all the controls I hope to find out something anout It on the web .
I’ll keep you updated
to whom it may concern