still running 7.10, not 7.11

I was wondering if there are more people still running 7.10 instead of 7.11.

The reason i do, is that the external gear pluginn dropouts may be fixed (still not trust it myself, might be my bad experience) but now i run into another problem which occured since 7.11. (i went back to 7.1 for that reason)
I don’t use the rendering function myself but i record what is played back because you can hear what is going on which also gives me a better/save feeling and also attending customers wan’t to hear what is going on.
In 7.10 when i press record and then play, the audio plays back fine but in 7.11 the first couple of milliseconds the audio has some kind of glitch/gap which is not there in 7.1. It’s only when i just pressed play, after that it’s ok but it’s really annoying and not a workable situation for me. If i add something like 500ms of silence in front of the file there is no problem but that is something i don’t want to do. :blush:

Could this be fixed or at least give the option when realtime rendering (with external gear) that you can listen to the audio which is being rendered? I asked for this option since v6 but it’s still not there. :neutral_face:

Master section > ASIO plug-ins > External gear: latency is set to AUTO by default, try to change it to something like 10 ms (you may have to experiment with different values for your system).

By the way, I always use the rendering function while doing external processing and the signal is played back just fine. In your case, the culprit may be hiding somewhere in the distribution of your digital audio streams. Take a look at Options > Audio streaming settings.

All in all, the execution of external processing in Wavelab could be more graceful.

I’m afraid it’s not me or some settings, it’s wavelab 7.11 100% sure. :cry:
Still using 7.10 since that is way more stable and no problems with dropouts in the beginning of the file.


please note that 7.1.1 is an unsupported update, which solves certain issues for
those who are affected by these problems. If you don’t experience problems with
7.1, I would recommend you to stay on 7.1 anyway.


7.1.1 is an unsupported update

oh, i read this now … :wink:
ok, an when comes the next official update ?
is this 7.2 ?? :question:

There will be a 7.2. Please don’t ask for more details.